Zerbert by Cali Kosher

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Zerbert by Cali Kosher

ZERBERT BY CALI KOSHER is an Indica-dominant hybrid. I didn’t find a lot of information about the strain. However I found out that it’s kosher. I don’t know if I can substantiate whether the flower actually kosher or not.

Buying Zerbert

I bought an 1/8th at Delta Boyz in Isleton, California. I go to Delta Boyz to buy their in-house brand of flowers. They’re super friendly there and the security guard doubles as their bud tender.

Cali Kosher’s packaging never catches my attention, but my wife told me that they are ‘pretty legit’. So I snatched that shit up right quick.

Smoking Zerbert

This weed is so smooth that I can’t tell whether Cali Kosher grows it indoor or outdoor.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

Cali Kosher front shot
The bud’s out of the bag now

Zerbert smells delicious. The bouquet is earthy and herbaceous. It’s also a little gassy. The odor isn’t very pungent.

The flower’s texture is firm. The buds aren’t fluffy like Banana Cream. However this doesn’t mean that it’s bad, just different. The buds aren’t springy and they’re a little crispy.

This batch of flower is solid green. It has tangled batches of orange hairs. The hairs are tucked between the flower.

The flavor is smooth. Zerbert tastes earthy and it has a bite. The bite isn’t overwhelming. However, it warms the throat.

Experience And Effects

Zerbert is super smooth. This blessed strain will make you feel very euphoric. The effects take hold of me almost immediately. The high relaxes my body and calms my mind. It makes me feel like a kid again.

After a few puffs, the flavor mellows out and the bite all but vanishes. Zerbert is mellow, smooth, and the high is a rare treat.


Delicious mountain of Cali Kosher bud
nice mound of loose bud

Cali Kosher grows really good weed. This particular strain is superb overall. The flavor is smooth and it’s easy to smoke. The flavor is a little spicy at first. However the euphoric high hits hard and fast. I’m sorry that I didn’t give the Cali Kosher brand a try sooner. I will definitely give them another go. If you’re ever at Delta Boyz, tell them we sent you ;).

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