Why Clipper Is My Favorite Refillable Lighter

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Clipper Gold Metal Finish

Clipper can be found in almost every smoke shop here in California. The brand has been around since 1959 and started in Barcelona. However, their influence can bee seen to almost every corner of the earth.

Clipper has a rich history and they’ve become a standard tool for smokers all around the world. The consumers are more like fans and I am definitely a fan. Here are the main reasons why I consider Clipper one of the best refillable lighters out there.

It’s a beautiful lighter
Real Pretty Lighter

Refillable is more ecological than disposable

Disposable lighters are generally not recycled. Most of the time they end up in parts and pieces all over the floor. All clipper lighters are refillable and can theoretically last a lifetime. For someone that doesn’t want to collect each design, refilling eliminates most waste from using lighters. 

The Cylindrical Design is My Personal Favorite

Zippo will always have a special place in my heart. The smells and feel of a zippo is unmistakeable and nostalgic. However, I’m just super into round as a shape. Aesthetically, I find circles way more appealing than squares. Clipper’s round shape always catches my attention and always looks good no matter what design it has.

Golden Clipper Medium Classic Size
Classic Shape

Clipper Is More Than Just A Lighter

The brand has perfected the refillable lighter craft. Their lighters are efficient, sturdy and inexpensive. Clipper delivers in every way because the founders are passionate about their products. However, they’re also very fun. 

Clipper Mania

These lighters are an obsession. Every month Clipper launches hundreds of themed collections around the world. Some regions get themes that aren’t available in others and vice versa. They range from 8-bit art to ‘Mary-Jane’ art and Aztec style designs. Each unique theme is a collectible and every month, fans purchase the new collection. As long as they’re not throwing them away, this shouldn’t be a waste problem.

So many styles, colors and accessories

Clipper has more than just cylindrical lighters. They have a wide range of styles that come in various sizes and finishes. Aside from the classic pocket lighter clipper makes electric ones. They also have utility lighters and torches that are also refillable. Clipper also offers a large selection of finishes. Shiny metal finishes, matte finishes and gradients. Each finish has a plethora of color options. They also have different types off covers for them.

Adjustable Flame

Being able to adjust the flame isn’t only a thing with Clipper. However, I used to think they were disposable so it was a huge surprise. However not all reusable lighters are adjustable. I truly appreciate adjustable flames so I’m here to showcase it.

Turning the wheel at the bottom of the lighter adjusts the flame.

The packing stick

The flint wheel is removable. It has a rod attached to it with a textured tip that’s perfect for packing a joint. Unfortunately I burned mine and it looks terrible. Clipper’s packing stick pulls away from the lighter pretty easily and locks securely in place. It even has a handy design that let’s you know how to replace it. 

Concluding why I like Clipper so much

They never get boring and I have way more than one. I’m not an avid collector but they release multiple designs per collection. Occasionally I’ll like one enough to consider buying it. Some, like my gold colored metal one, I really love.

So there’s a lot to love about Clipper, aside from being durable and inexpensive. They may not be metal like other refillable lighters, but they’re efficient and fun. I hope I don’t look like a fool in the future for saying this; I believe that they believe in their product. 

If you have the chance, I recommend visiting their website to check out everything they have to offer.

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