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Wedding Cake Strain: Strong High, No Flavor

wedding cake top
Flow Kana has great jars

Quick Statistics

Wedding Cake Genetics

Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie




19.52% THC 0.02% CBD


Couch-locking high that cheers me up and gives me the giggles. Gives me the munchies.

Wedding cake spill
Beautiful nugs

Flow Kana Wedding Cake First Impressions

These buds are soft but, like most sun grown flower, they feel a little rough around the edges. They have a decent coverage of trichomes throughout. The buds are a solid green color with an orange hair here and there . Flow Kana Wedding Cake smells like milk bread or yeasty. However it doesn’t have the strains sweet notes.

Wedding Cake Post-Burn Handling

These buds are mostly soft and slightly sticky. Flow Kana Wedding Cake is kind of fluffy but it feels a bit dry. Breaking it up is super easy and It grinds smoothly. It’s easy to de-stem because it doesn’t have many and the texture is nice. However, I am disappointed at the very mild odor.

Naked wedding cake
Decent color on the buds

Smoking Wedding Cake

Smoke: When I take a puff the smoke feels light and cool on my tongue. My crutch becomes very sticky with amber resin. It dissolves quickly and doesn’t stick to may fingers for very long however.

Flavor: This batch of flower has a decent flavor but it isn’t very bold. The resin is flavorless and it doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. The flower isn’t sweet or fruity, but it has a mild earthy taste.

The Experience

Build-up: The high creeps up slowly, as is with most of Flow Kana’s buds. About half an hour after smoking this, it hit me with a serious case of the munchies.

Intensity: The high is not intrusive at all although it does make me quite euphoric and overall relaxed. This strain isn’t intense, but the munchies and euphoria combine to make quite a team.

Aftermath: Coming down leaves me very sleepy and if I give in to the munchies I get pretty sluggish.. Makes me sleep like a baby.

Bottom of Flow Kana jar
Great use of space

Final Thoughts on Flow Kana Wedding Cake

The high isn’t intense and the flavor is nearly missing, but Flow Kana delivers fair weed at a decent price. Although I am disappointed in the lack of flavor, the flower doesn’t taste bad and that’s great. In fact, Flow Kana weed always smokes smooth, clean and gives a decent high. Sometimes I want just that, an ol’ reliable.

You can check Flow Kana out on their website.

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