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Watermelon Gelato by Ember Valley


WATERMELON GELATO by Ember Valley is an Indica dominant hybrid retailing for about $50.00 + tax. It’s a cross between Watermelon Zkittlez and Gelato 45 – who, in their right, were exotics when they came out. Does this make it an exotic as well? Sure. I guess?

My experience with buying from premium brands is that they always have flagship strains that define them. It’s good marketing while keeping the brand trending. That’s the life of an exotic mill, in my opinion. (Ex. Jungle Boys’ motto, “Always Imitated, Never Duplicated”.)


When I decided to go to A Therapeutic Alternative, the Stay at Home order was about a week old. I thought that dispensaries would be closed but as it turns out people were still buying.

A part of me was really happy that California deemed cannabis businesses as essential. I work for the industry and business is still booming.

Either way, I placed the order for pickup. It took us about 30 minutes to get the order because the establishment was being cautious. A set amount and some taxes later, we got out of A Therapeutic Alternative happy, germ-free, and satisfied.


embervalley, watermelon gelato
Watermelon Gelato buds are light and fluffy

I want to breakdown the experience by separating it in categories. I know this is just my account of smoking Watermelon Gelato by Embervalley. But, I want to be thorough.


Smells like Evolution’s Cold Press Watermelon & Lemon juice with a faint minty after-whiff.

The texture, tho, is one of my favorites. It’s soft and fluffy and easy to grind with fingers. (I’m a savage and an OG kind of stoner so I break my weed up with my hands.)


Raw, it has an herbal and almost sweet note to it. Fired up, it’s gas.

I’m particular to these kinds of strains because I don’t like my tongue feeling tingly. It feels as if I’d been smoking Chemdog or Cat Piss. Which doesn’t make sense because according to Hytiva, there are no traces of those strains in Watermelon Gelato.

The hits are smooth and clean. Since Watermelon Gelato is on the spicy side, it was funny to see myself salivate and struggle smoking it.


The strain and I aren’t compatible. There’s nothing negative about the effect. There’s just nothing there. I got a slight head change and that’s it.


Watermelon Gelato is a premium quality product.


In terms of aesthetic appeal, I’m down to grind and roll this weed. Although it did nothing to me, so I don’t think I will be buying this again from Embervalley. It has nice smooth hits and smells really nice.


Embervalley is one of my favorite brands. I won’t be coming back to their Watermelon Gelato but I will buy other strains from them just because. The quality of their weed and the effects are not negative.


I love Embervalley because I’m fond of the quality of their flower. As for the strain? No. Because it did nothing to me.

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