Vibes Rolling Papers Are Great

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Vibes rolling papers rice papers

I noticed Vibes rolling papers yesterday while in my local smoke shop. I see that they’re available as pre-rolled cones. However I need to roll with the papers myself. I can only give a review if I roll with them myself. So here I am, writing about my experience with Vibes rolling papers.

Vibes Rolling Papers Are Very High Quality

Catch a vvibe
Such Nice Packaging

I really like everything about these papers. I don’t know anything about the brand but these rolling papers are surprising. The packaging is also very good. The sides of the box on Vibes rolling papers are thick and soft but also very sturdy. I assume the box is thicker and wider to better protect the delicate papers.

They’re Made Of Rice And Magic

The rolling papers are delicate. They’re very soft to the touch. When I rub them they feel fluffy. The papers also have a really nice decal that make the experience so wholesome. However, despite feeling so delicate, these rice rolling papers don’t tear easy. The fancy paper is very malleable and easy to handle while still being very sturdy.

Vibe check decal on rice papers
Vibe check

The Glue Strip Is Huge

Vibes rolling papers have a huge and wide glue strip. It’s very easy to see, unlike other rolling papers. Also, since the paper is so matte and soft, it’s easy to tell which is the sticky side of the strip. At first I thought the glue would make Vibes rolling papers taste like adhesive; but it isn’t a problem. The glue doesn’t have a taste or smell and doesn’t ruin the flavor of my weed.

Vibes Rolling Papers Are Very Smooth

Although it has such a thick glue strip, the papers burn smooth. The paper also doesn’t taste like anything. Which is nice. I’ve been smoking Abrakadabra with other papers from Flow Kana and I can taste the glue strip. With Vibes rice papers the weed is much smoother. The weed is even less harsh because the paper burns so good.

Nice even burning rice rolling papers called vibes
Burn smooth and produces minimal smoke

They Don’t Take Away From My Experience

Some papers do change the taste of my weed. Sometimes, the smoke seems thick and it ways heavy on the tongue. Like there’s more smoke from the paper than the bud I’m smoking. These delicate rice papers barely make any smoke. All I taste is the flower and the smoke is soft like the paper itself. This isn’t the first time, but I’m very impressed because it’s smooth.

Wrapping Up This Review Of Vibes Rolling Papers.

I’d say that they’re some of the smoothest papers I’ve had. It’s just one of those things you don’t realize until you’ve had better. I’m not going to stop using RAW or Elements. However these papers just feel right. They’re wonderfully soft with delicate texture and light smoke. The light smoke really makes all the difference. Using Vibes papers are almost as clean as smoking from glass.

Check out their website to keep catching the vibe.

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