Twizzlas By 3 Bros Grow

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a jar of an 8th of Twizzlas by 3 Bros Grow

Buying Twizzlas

Twizzlas is one of the three strains we bought at the 3 Bros kiosk during the Emerald Cup. They may have been using their merchandise to encourage sales. However, after smoking all three strains, I say that this weed is worth every penny.

Smoking Twizzlas

This strain is damn good. I enjoy the flavor and the effects because they’re both super clean.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • Peaking over an open jar of Twizzlas by 3 bros grow
  • jar and lid with flower in the lid
  • flower on the lid of the jar

Twizzlas smells delicious. This strain smells earthy, musty, sweet, and a little bit sour. Overall the smell is pleasant because it smells like raspberry candy and because it’s not overwhelmingly strong.

This strain tastes scrumptious. The first puff of this flower doesn’t have too much flavor, though. It mostly tastes clean and flavorless. However, the aftertaste, which lingers for a while at the back of my throat, is superb. Twizzlas tastes like raspberry candy; it’s waxy, mild, and slightly sour.

This strain has a superb texture as well. The buds are very dense and close-cropped. The flower is mostly green, but the leaves are dark purple and the pistils are bright orange. These colors make this strain look very exotic.

Experience & Effects

The Twizzlas high is very enjoyable. The high is heavy but not overwhelming. It makes me feel confident, content, and it helps me focus. Smoking this flower makes me productive. The effects make me feel relaxed but motivated. So it’s a great experience overall.


3 Bros flower is superb. Most of the strains I’ve smoked taste sweet and fruity. They taste like cherry or raspberry candy. Twizzlas tastes similar to Cherry Bomb, but Chery Bomb’s smell is more sweet and saturated. Overall, this strain is superb and I highly recommend people give it a try. If you want, you can check out their website for strains and where to buy them. And, if you decide to visit their dispensary, tell em we sent ya ;).

Comment 1

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