Top Shelf Weed: A Quick Rundown

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What Is Top Shelf Weed?

Literally, top-shelf weed is weed on the top shelf at cannabis clubs. Usually, clubs put less expensive strains on lower shelves. They do this so their best strains are more accessible to consumers. They also do it to determine how much money you’re going to spend. So what makes these strains so special and why do they belong on the top shelf? Well, I hope reading this article will answer some of your questions

Weed Quality

Generally speaking, most cannabis clubs have top-shelf flowers available for purchase. Top shelf strains generally have similarities between them. I’m going to list some of the universal traits of top-shelf flowers. So if you’ve never had a top-shelf flower but you are curious about it please continue reading.

Most Top Shelf Bud Is Pretty Dense

The density of some top-shelf buds can be misleading. An 8th of super dense, but fluffy top shelf, might leave a typical sized jar half empty. However, in my experience, this is completely normal. I’m always surprised when I grind a dense little nug of top-shelf weed. Because it becomes a huge pile which can be 3 to 4 times more than what I expect.

Lots of Trichomes

You should see a generous amount of trichomes coating your flower. Top shelf weed rarely has milky or creamy trichomes. However, even clear crystals look murky when there’re so many of them. So don’t worry if you can’t see passed the trichome veil.

Top Shelf Flower Always Burns Smooth

You shouldn’t have a problem with top-shelf bud going out because it’s too ‘wet’. A keefy top-shelf strain that’s been cured well will brand evenly and grind dry. What i mean is, it comes out of the grinder fluffy. It should never turn muddy or look wet and dark. A good top-shelf flower has a consistent color and consistency throughout the preparation.

The Colors of Top Shelf Weed

Top shelf bud is usually a bright, solid green color with minimal orange hairs. A general rule to follow: your flower should always be green. There are exceptions like granddaddy purple or white widow. You should always be looking for a healthy green color otherwise.

Almost No Leaves

You should see no leaves when you grind up your top shelf strains. There will always be an exception to this rule because no trimmer is perfect. Although, the body of your flower should predominantly be bud. Thick and dense with little to absolutely no leaves.

Few and Small Stems

One good thing about top shelf wed is that the stems are usually very small. This should ALWAYS be the case. You’re buying the best quality bud so the last thing you want to see are tree trunk stems. There should be the little stem at the base, a tiny stick you pinch to hold. One that makes you go ‘damn all this bud fit on this little cap’. That’s it.

Rich Terpene Profile

Top shelf weed usually has a lot of terpenes. These terpenes imbue the flower with complex flavor profiles. The terpenes also affect the smell. The types of smells and flavors might change but the smell is usually robust and complex.

Top Shelf Weed Has Complex Flavors

Top shelf cannabis has multiple flavor profiles. When you smoke it, you might get one flavor and exhale another. Top shelf will always have the best of all worlds. A nutty, musty earthy flavor with rich dank undertones. All mixed with a fruity bouquet. The resin shouldn’t be overly bitter, either. In fact, some top shelf buds leave a tasteless resin on my lips.

They Should Never Be Harsh

At the very least, top shelf weed has no flavor. No matter what, though, the smoke should always be light. Top shelf weed usually has such a smooth and cool burn. When you inhale, it’ll feel like you’re vaping. This isn’t always the case, however, and might depend your personal smoking habits.

My Final Thoughts On Top Shelf Weed

Top shelf definitely has a place in my heart. However, like any flower, the effects are subjective. What’s not subjective is the price. Sure, top shelf does it the best by some standards, but not all. I know for a fact some people prefer dry bud with less trichomes because it’s easier to handle. So you have to decide. Do you want to try and have a wonderful experience, or do you just want to spend money? Save it for something special.

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