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Our mycelial year is now three months into the year 2021. Last year, 2020, started terribly and got progressively worse every day. Until we eventually ended up in March of 2021. This pandemic has really shown us a lot.


While locked away for a few uncertain months of unemployment, we underwent major health problems. Over the last year, we spent much of our time focusing on our health. We were lucky enough for this to happen before the full-blown panic of the pandemic doomed the nation. ‘Lucky’ because other people were doing much worse than us.

We needed to change our eating habits and exercise more. So we did. We switched to a mushroom-based diet. We started eating different types of mushrooms for every meal. Then we fell in love with all the different flavors and textures of the mushrooms. Not to mention the affordability of a mushroom-based diet.


I began to study the vast and magical world of mushrooms. I watched a lot of videos and read many books. I consumed all I could about mushrooms. That is what motivated us to get more acquainted with our local mushrooms. So we set out to find some in our local state parks. We bought a Field Guide to North American Mushrooms. Then set out to look for anything we could find.


We are amateurs to this mycelial world. We are complete beginners to everything mushroom. However, we hope you will join us on our mycelial journey. We will share our finds and show our methods for growing. Not as professionals, but as business-minded mushroom enthusiasts. Feel free to ask any questions or share your experiences. Our dream is to one day grow our own mushrooms using sustainable methods. Because many mushroom farms consume abysmal amounts of energy.

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