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Strawberry Jam Review: Mild Flavor and High

Strawberry jam

Quick Statistics

Strawberry Jam Price


Strawberry Jam Genetics

Jamaican Strain x Bubble Berry x Mexican Ruderalis.


Woodman Peak Farms


14.84% THC 0.03% CBD


Mild indica leaning full-body high that leaves me drowsy

flow kana packaging store dark for strawberry jam
Tinted jars to protect the buds from light exposure

Flow Kana Strawberry Jam First Impressions

The Strawberry Jam buds have a familiar, slight crispy feeling that sungrown bud tends to have. The buds don’t have a dense coating of trichomes so they aren’t very sticky which makes it easy to grind. The dank and slightly sour smell of the flower doesn’t really give off any fruity notes.

Strawberry Jam’s Post-Burn Handling

This batch of strawberry jam has nice soft buds that are easy to grind and roll-up. The buds are hefty and they don’t have many stems. This batch of flower doesn’t have any distinct terpene or flavor when puffed, unlit, through my pipe.

flow kana strawberry jam
Flow Kana has very nice sungrown buds

Strawberry Jam Mid-Burn

Smoke: The grind seemed a bit dry but burns well and even. The resin doesn’t leave any bitter aftertaste and overall it’s flavorless. The smoke isn’t harsh on the throat. It’s very easy to pack and smoke since the ground up bud is crumbly.

Flavor: This batch has no discernible flavors when smoked.

The Flow Kana Strawberry Jam Experience

Flow Kana tamper evident sticker on strawberry jam
Tamper evident packaging

Build-up: The build-up is very subtle. I can feel the high slowly creeping after the first two drags. The good thing about this flower, though, is the high peaks quickly and is really easy to vibe with.

Intensity: This strain has a very mild high that is great to unwind towards the end of a long day. The high is in no way intense though it lasts for a good couple hours. It’s mild but it has a very relaxing high that helps keep me focused. It’s good for finishing chores around the house and relaxing afterward.

Aftermath: The high relaxes the mind but keeps my wits sharp. Oddly, since it’s a full-body high, it’s easy to sleep with it as well.

Final Thoughts on Flow Kana’s Strawberry Jam

Overall, Flow Kana’s Strawberry Jam is a good smoke. It’s mid-shelf bud with standard market prices. The high is pretty good, but not as strong as what Alien Labs, Big Als, or THC Design can offer. Personally, I’m disappointed at the lack of flavor. However, I’m very fond of the packaging and price. The buds are easy to break apart and they burn very well.

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