Strawberry Bananaz: Smells Like Banana.

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Strawberry Bananaz and Friends

I have 2 grams of Strawberry Bananaz by Santa Cruz Canna Farms. It was on special and I bought some without checking it out. It was inexpensive, even for Emerald Cup standards. I’m glad I stopped by the SCCF booth because their flower is pretty decent overall. Their Strawberry Bananaz is particularly pleasant. Though I do plan on tasting more of their brand. I guess the folk over in Santa Cruz might be on to something. 

The Strawberry Bananaz Nugs Look Superb

When I look at the nugs, I see the essential bud. Strawberry Bananaz is an even green color. The flower has patches of thin brown hairs tangled throughout it. Each nug has a generous coating of trichomes. The trichomes shine and glisten in the light, making the bud seem lighter than it is. 

Beautiful sun grown buds
Sun Grown buds from Santa Cruz

The Buds Have Great Texture

I’m surprised to find that Strawberry Bananaz isn’t very sticky. It leaves behind a dry, semi-sticky residue on my fingertips, but it doesn’t linger. Breaking the weed up, I can see the trichomes are also inside the buds. The flower is very bright green in the center. Strawberry Bananaz grinds up smoothly. It’s very fluffy but it’s also course and sticky when it’s ground. 

I Love That It Smells Kinda Like A Shake

It has a strong danky smell. However, it mixes well with the sweet smell of banana. Overall, I smell something between a banana farm and a fruit smoothy. The smell is very strong and a little gassy. Strawberry Bananaz has a very pleasant smell and as strong as it is, it’s also delicate. The earthy tones are not overpowering, there’s no must and the fruity notes are mild.

High Levels Of THC And Total Cannabinoids

My batch tested at around 29% THC and a decent 3% terpene content. The overall experience was very pleasing. Strawberry Bananaz got me to a very good level. It boosts me up and keeps me feeling lifted and confident. The high helps me focus and keeps my thoughts organized. It’s a perfect strain for socializing with friends or going out for a walk. 

A joint of Strawberry Bananaz
Be LIt like I was when I took these Photos

My overall experience with Strawberry Bananaz Strain

I really enjoyed the strain. I like the flavor and the high. The flavor is mild and it’s the same for the smell. The overall experience is splendid, but It isn’t as intense as others. These flowers are perfect for people that want to chill. So compared to the heavy experiences I’ve had, this ranks at mild. That’s not in any way a bad thing. Although, for people looking for something stronger, I recommend Heavy Grass

You can check out Santa Cruz Canna Farms on their website. Find out about there future products.   

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