Skunk Brothers: Decent and Potent Grow

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skunk brothers

Over 30 years of experienced growing

Skunk Brothers was a passion project that formed between friends. Both of the owners worked in the cannabis industry. They strived to build a sustainable and transparent company. Like most smaller grows, their brand boasts quality cannabis at an affordable price.

Small batch cultivation

People don’t trust Big Weed. Companies who say they’re small-batch always win. Why? Because the appeal of craft cannabis is there. For veteran weed smokers, like myself, quality is better than quantity. (If I’m going to pay money for it.)

Skunk Brothers produce craft cannabis

Smaller yields enable the growers to focus on the quality of their cannabis. Top Shelf and Private Reserve marijuana are the products of expert cultivation.

What I like about craft cannabis is its relationship with the cultivator. I like knowing that the weed I smoke was grown by people and not a big company. I also like knowing that they’re passionate about cannabis.

Skunk Brothers quality and effect is great

I purchased a gram of 5 different strains from them. Each strain had its own characteristic and very distinct from each other. The potency is also there as well as the taste and feel of the bud.

Huge range of product

What some craft cannabis brands lack in yield density, it makes up for in variety. Skunk Brothers have a lot of strains to choose from.

Affordable with good quality

The price ranges from $8 – $9 a gram +Tax or a little bit over $30 +Tax at Vallejo Holistic Health Center. Versus Connected / Alien Labs / Maven, Skunk Brothers are sold cheaper.

Honestly, cheap weed doesn’t have to have poor quality.


  • Sacramento, CA based cultivators using sustainable techniques to grow their cannabis.
  • The quality of the cannabis is good inside simple complaint packaging.
  • Price is good and ranges from $25 – $30 + Tax
  • The nose and taste aren’t bad. The entire experience is smooth.
  • Skunk Brothers is a small batch/craft cannabis company.
  • I got mine at VHHC. Googling them is easier than looking in Weedmaps.
  • Color coordination for Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.


I like how affordable Skunk Brothers is. The quality is good and the overall experience is great. I want to explore their other grow the next time I need weed.


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