Purple Diesel By Ole 4 Fingers

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an 8th ounce bag of purple diesel cannabis flower by ole 4 fingers

Buying Purple Diesel

We bought Purple Diesel at Rio Vista Farms. We went to the dispensary to buy a couple of strains and placed our order online, but one of the flowers we wanted was unavailable. So we decided to get Ole 4 Fingers. One reason is that the brand has a kick-ass name and the other reason is that it’s inexpensive.

Smoking Purple Diesel

I am always hesitant to smoke ‘cheap’ weed. Mostly I don’t like how inexpensive flower usually gives me sinus problems. But that wasn’t the case, this time. I find Ole 4 Fingers is legit.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • pinching open an 8th ounce bag of popcorn nugs
  • an 8th of top flower spread out on a table

Purple Diesel smells pretty good. The flower is musty, chalky, and sweet. In the end, it smells like grapes or like grape jelly. The flower smells very rich.

This strain doesn’t taste like anything in particular, but it’s still pleasant. It’s a little gassy, so the smoke is a tad harsh because it’s robust. Overall the flower tastes very clean and inoffensive.

I love the texture. This strain is soft, dense, and fluffy. The bag is full of top flower but, it’s not just crispy dry leaves. The top flowers are little green popcorn nugs. They’re super easy to break apart and handle.

Experience & Effects

Purple Diesel’s high is superb. It gives me a burst of mental focus. It’s not like tunnel vision, though. It’s more like the strain clears my mind of anxiety. So my thoughts are clear and unhindered by stress. The mental clarity makes it easy for me to multi-task. So I become super productive. After my burst of productivity, I still feel relaxed enough to go to sleep peacefully. I love this shit.

pic of the ole 4 fingers bag and its contents side by side
good stuff


I love this strain. It’s so relaxing. The effects help me tap into a more confident version of myself. The mental clarity allows me to do everything I need in confidence. The Ole 4 Fingers brand reminds me that ‘cheap’ doesn’t mean ‘bad’. Their Purple Diesel is a perfect hybrid that’s a pleasure to smoke. You can check out their strains on their website, but you can buy from Rio Vista’s menu. If you happen to buy this strain from there, tell em we sent cha ;).

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