Peanut Butter Cup by Clout King

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Peanut Butter Cup by Clout King packaging

Buying Peanut Butter Cup

We were running errands and had some time to kill. So we decided to take a walk. We walked for a couple of miles towards the nearest Connected dispensary. Since we didn’t plan to buy, we asked the budtender what he enjoyed smoking. Then he enthusiastically recommended Peanut Butter Cup by Clout King. We love Peanut Butter so we bought that shit.

Smoking Peanut Butter Cup

Clout King’s motto is ‘friends don’t let friends smoke mids’. It’s a bold mantra to match their bold name. However, this strain does the brand justice. Because it’s a particularly good Indica. It reminds me of the Blue Widow strain by Skunk Brothers. Just in terms of quality.

Smell, Taste, And Texture

  • No Box Clout King Jar front
  • overhead peek of clout king Peanut butter Cup strain
  • bud on lid close up

Peanut Butter Cup is, above all, clean. It smells potent with earthy, floral, and kushy notes. Special mentions to the flower’s color, because the color is splendiferous!

The texture is splendid. This strain is very soft and pleasantly spongy. The buds have a thick kief layer. Yet they’re not super sticky and they don’t leave any residue on my fingers. As such, this flower is super easy to handle.

Clout King’s bud tastes great. It’s smooth and has a clean flavor. It’s semi-sweet and tastes like raspberry taffy. I believe this is perfect for a blunt or a clean glass pipe.

Experience And Effects

weed pile in front of jar
Pile of green and purple gold

Peanut Butter Cup is a wonderful experience. The effects of the high are gradual and the ride is smooth. The high peaks within 30 minutes. It’s relaxing and smooth. The effects are perfect for cooking, drawing, or anything you can do at your own pace. This strain helps me focus by clearing my mind and easing my anxieties.


Clout King’s brand name isn’t something that appeals to us. In fact, Dominique doesn’t like it at all. However, we agree that the Peanut Butter Cup strain is fucking great. It’s pricier than what we are used to, but it’s definitely worth the price. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and we will probably buy more. If you happen to go to Connected to try it, tell em we sent ya ;).

Their online marketing is lacking. So if you’d like to shop Clout King’s strains, I recommend the Connected website.

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