Peanut Butter Breath; Strong and Delicious

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Space Monkey Peanut Butter Breath tube and labeling

Space Monkey has exceptional Peanut Butter Breath. I’ve only had it one other time before this. I bought a couple prerolls special at their booth during the Emerald Cup; and I’m glad I did. Space Monkey is a brand that I really wanted to try. I consider the prerolls I bought like a tasteful preview of their flower. If the rest of their flower is as delicious as their Peanut Butter Breath then I’m sold. This preroll is amazing, and it tastes so great.

My Experience With Peanut Butter Breath VS. Space Monkey Meds Peanut Butter Breath

Big 1.1 gram joint
That’s a nice, tight roll.

Space Monkey Meds grows a very smooth Peanut Butter Breath. It isn’t harsh so I don’t spend my session coughing. The burn is nice, smoking evenly and staying lit my whole session. Even when it burns it smells pretty good. It kind of reminds me of toasted nuts. 

The Flavor Of Peanut Butter Breath Is Surprising

I’m only bringing this up for reference. However, the first time I ever smoked this strain it wasn’t by Space Monkey. This other flower was harsh and it burned my throat when I smoked it. The other strain smelled like Skippy. However,  Space Monkey Meds flower tasted like a natural peanut. It doesn’t smell as sweet. Instead, it smells like a stadium peanut. Toasty and earthy. However, it also has a grassy flavor. Like a fresh, raw peanut. 

How Was The High?

They should name a space program after Space Monkey Meds because I’m pretty sure I was on another planet. The high is so very heavy, but also so up-lifting. The heavy high totally leveled me out, making me very relaxed but also keeping my mind clean. When I smoke Peanut Butter Breath I feel down for anything. I’m focused and my mood is so elevated that I feel like I can do no wrong. My only mistake is that I didn’t buy more of the prerolls.

I would come back for more
I got three little sessions outta this fatty.

Would I Come Back For More?

Hell yeah. The high is heavy and so uplifting i don’t know what to do with myself. Their prerolls are full 1 gram and I can get two good sessions out of them. Between the amazing high and the superb flavor, this rare strain is a MUST try for any smoker. As a quick sample I bought their Monkey Mix joint as well, which is a mix of all their strains. I’m super excited to try that. I hope it’s just as good.

check out the Space Monkey Meds website to keep updated on their monkey antics.

Comments 3

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