One Gram of Weed vs. the World

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one gram weed

1 gram Of Weed vs. 3.5 grams (1/8th ounce)

Some would say one gram of weed isn’t enough. It’s true, a gram of cannabis can only make one good joint. It also depends on how dense the buds are. However, sometimes a gram just isn’t enough. People smoke a lot and don’t want to make multiple trips. Yet there’s still a crowd that appreciates ‘grammers’. I’m definitely one of them.

One Gram Is A Start

An 1/8th or maybe even 1/2 ounce of cannabis is worth it to someone that really likes a specific strain. However, that’s too much weed for someone that just wants a taste. Imagine being stuck with an 1/8th of weed that negatively effects you. A gram of weed is for the stoner that wants to try before they commit.

More Variation for Your Money

We can get a gram of weed at VHHC and Mercy Wellness for very cheap. Some of the strains start as low as 8 bucks. Buying 4 grams costs about the same as an 8th. So there isn’t too much of a price difference. You won’t save money buying grams over 8ths in the long run. You can buy 4 different grams of weed though which is the best part about buying one gram of weed at a time.

Buying Them Creates More Waste Than Normal

Packaging is the only issue I have with grams. 4 plastic tubes wrapped in plastic In stead of one glass jar. I don’t recycle every tube and it feels kinda bad. I highly recommend recycling the tubes by reusing them. If I end up with too much, I usually dump them in recycling bins. Though not every time.

So One Gram of Weed Worth It?

The short answer is yes. Buying a single gram is very viable in the California weed market. You can try 3-4 different strains for around the same price as an 8th. You won’t be saving any money in the long run but you can try different weeds. As long as you stay away from the 20$ grams it’ll always be worth it. Lastly, please don’t forget to recycle those extra tubes.

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