OGelato BY Space Monkey

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Space Monkey under the sun OGelato 8th

Buying OGelato

We bought OGelato at the Connected dispensary in Sacramento. My only experience with Space Monkey prior to this was at the Emerald Cup. I really enjoyed their flower that I bought there. Connected had the best value at the time I purchased this strain. So we went and bought that shit.

Smoking OGelato

This flower is smooth and it’s downright delicious. Space Monkey hasn’t let me down. So I hope every strain I try in the future is as good as the ones I’ve had so far.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • Peaking over an open jar with an 8th of flower in it
  • an 8th of space monkey OGelato sitting on the cap of its jar

OGelato smells very mild. However, while not very potent, it still smells very pleasant. It smells earthy, nutty, and herbaceous. Beneath its initial musty odor, the flower smells like sweet mandarins.

This strain’s taste is mild as well. The flavor is nutty, herbaceous, and earthy. The resin is flavorless and it has no bitter aftertaste. It’s a pleasant experience overall.

The texture is stupendous. The buds are tight and dense. They’re also quite fluffy and they have a pleasant crispy feel. This strain has a dense layer of kief but it’s not sticky. So the kief doesn’t make my fingers sticky. It does leave my fingers a little dusty though. But that’s not a bad thing.

Experience & Effects

OGelato is super potent. I feel the effects of the high within five minutes of taking my first puff. The high gains momentum over the next several minutes. Then, in about forty-five minutes, the high peaks. At that point, I feel totally euphoric and uplifted. It also sets my mind at ease and afterward I feel like I could sleep for days.

close up of an 8th of sungrown flower by spacemonkey in front of jar
Ready to go


I love a good hybrid strain and OGelato is one of the smoothest I’ve had in a while. This strain is mad delicious and super smooth. This high is potent but not overwhelming. Spyrock OG is the only other strain that surpasses it. You can go check out the Connected menu and see if they have any Space Monkey. If you decide to go get some, tell ’em we sent ya ;).

Comment 1

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