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Nug, Inc. Does Cannabis Right

Nug is a successful cannabis company Based in California. They grow high quality, single source cannabis. Nug set the standard for cleanliness and quality of weed in California.

Nug CEO and founder John Oram is a UCLA graduate. He has a Ph.D in environmental chemistry and a bachelor’s in analytical chemistry. He also co-founded the laboratory that established safety protocols and certification to ensure acceptable weed quality.

Nug Breaths Life Into The Cannabis Industry

There’s no arguing that they’re a huge company. They grow award winning flower and use that to make award-winning edibles. Their frozen THC-CBD pops are astronomical. The fact is, Nug produces quality flower even when they plan on using them for edibles. Which is a respect for the industry that’s getting more and more difficult to find.

They Give Back To The Community

Nug’s CEO contributes heavily to Oakland’s Cannabis Equity Program. The program helps pave a path for new cannabis companies. 6 qualified applicants receive business training and financing. However, it’s all made possible through contributors such as Nug.

Their Flower Never Disappoints

Their flower is relatively cheap. However, you wouldn’t know that by how great the flower is. Always very fluffy and keify, their strains are a beauty. Their exotic strains are colorful and their effects are so clean. They’re the real deal. They’re industry standards.

Concluding This Obvious Love Letter To Nug

They’re a company whose inter connectivity in the cannabis industry might go unnoticed. To tell you the truth, finding out all the things John is up to is easy. The transparency is good for the cannabis industry. Because you’d be surprised when you start to dig just a little under some company’s surface.

You Visit Nug On their website to learn more about the people that run this behemoth of a company.

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