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OCTOBER 27, 2019

JOE BIDEN MIGHT CHANGE THE FACE OF CANNABIS. If Joe Biden wins president, his wishful thinking might destroy the legal cannabis market. – VICE

BERNIE SANDERS PUSHING TO LEGALIZE CANNABIS. With the 2020 elections coming, Sen. Bernie Sanders proposes a plan to make cannabis and its market to thrive. – ROLLING STONE

IN THE REALM OF THE FULL SPECTRUM TREND, HIGH THC STRAINS ARE STILL ON DEMAND. Due to misconceptions about cannabis, consumers still want to smoke high THC cannabis. – LEAFLY

OCTOBER 24,2019

LEGAL CANNABIS PROFITS PLUMMET DUE REGULATIONS. As the government regulates more on cannabis products, the blackmarket thrives. – CBS NEWS

EDIBLES WILL NEVER TURN UP IN KIDS’ HALLOWEEN BASKETS. Fear mongering is in the air as Halloween approaches and cautionary parents assume that cannabis edibles will end up in their childrens’ lunchboxes. The truth is edibles are expensive and that’s not gonna happen. – SLATE

OCTOBER 6, 2019

CALIFORNIA’S KUSHY PUNCH CAUGHT WITH ILLEGAL PRODUCTS. With compliance in mind, legal companies like Kushy Punch are doing illegal extractions and marketing it as safe or selling it to the black market. – LEAFLY

SOUTH PARK DRAWS ATTENTION TO BIG WEED. In an episode dedicated to spoofing MedMen’s campaign, South Park lays it thick by drawing attention to how huge corporations are controlling the marijuana industry. – MARIJUANA MOMENT

OCTOBER 2, 2019

The ordinance would be automatically renewed annually until the council determines that MJ vaping products are “safe for consumer use.”“I am seeking to halt cannabis vaping until it is proven safe,” Krekorian said in a press release, and added that he expects the council to vote on the motion “soon.” – Read more at LA CANNABIS

OCTOBER 1, 2019

FIRST CANNABIS OPENS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Lowell Café, located in LA, opens its door to customers wanting to experience a culinary cannabis experience. “So like with a wine sommelier coming to present wine or talk about pairings, that’s ultimately what we want to do,” general manager Lily Estanislao told CBS Los Angeles. – CBS

SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

FAKE CANNABIS PRODUCTS FLOOD CALIFORNIA’S BLACKMARKET. Amidst legalization, legal cannabis businesses find themselves powerless to make profits due to their inability to sell to unlicensed vendors. As a consequence, more and more non-compliant stores are opening and selling counterfeit brands leaving the illegal cannabis industry impenetrable. – LA TIMES

CALIFORNIA HEALTH OFFICIALS URGE USERS TO STOP VAPING. Under the 2019 vaping scare, California health officials urge consumers to stop vaping due to a flood of fake cannabis cartridges in the black market. Seeing as these products are untested, it could pose a higher health risks in the long run. – THE DAILY JOURNAL

CALIFORNIA BLACK-MARKET IS THRIVING AND THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF LICENSED BUSINESSES. According to an audit, the California black-market had final surpassed that of legal businesses. “The audit, conducted by the United Cannabis Business Assn., found approximately 2,835 unlicensed dispensaries and delivery services operating in California. By comparison, only 873 cannabis sellers in the state are licensed, according to the Bureau of Cannabis Control.” – LA TIMES

“We’re the only state to go recreational and see a year-over-year reduction in legal sales,” UCBA president Jerred Kiloh said. – NBC NEWS

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

After hands shot up, the senator (Bernie Sanders) said “this is what the war on drugs has done in this country.” – Read more on MARIJUANA MOMENT

Cannabis, allegedly, may have a lot of medical benefits but the gums don’t agree. According to the American Dental Association, “associated irritants, such as orally inhaled smoke, rather than cannabis itself, may be contributing causes” to most oral problems – although there’s no concrete proof to it. – LEAFLY

Although cannabis is considered the safest drug, the surgeon general warns that stronger cannabis strains provide a risk for smokers. – NBC