Mochi by Nug

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mochi nug

MOCHI BY NUG is a spicy Indica dominant strain. It’s a cross between Gelato 47 and Sunset Sherbet.

I heard about it when I was doing my usual rounds on Instagram. One commenter on my profile wanted me to try it. Although, it’s hard to look for stores that sell the strains – even with Weedmaps – I decided to forget about it. Then this happened.

My first encounter with the strain was through a guy I knew. And this was pre-Prop 64, I think, so I was pretty much enjoying the illegal grow life. Also, I think their brand had been canceled so I won’t mention them here.


Rio Vista Farms is one of my favorite places to buy weed. I love dispensaries that actually put the tax in their prices just like Cookies Oakland. I also love places that sell their own brand of weed. But that’s another story to tell.

I got this strain with the intention of enjoying it. Nug is one of my favorite brands because I love their ethics — as a consumer.


mochi nug
Mochi buds are dense and really fragrant.

My smoking experience can be broken down into parts. I’m going to list them down here —


It smells like powdered sugar. Most of the time mochi ice cream smells like its coated in powdered sugar even if it’s rice flour. This strain by Nug kind of smells like that with hints of mint. It’s like a white tea, actually. The dull smell of it — fragrant and enticing.

Fired up it’s really spicy and herbal; dry it has a dull floral taste.

The nugs are pretty dense. When squeezed, it feels like a dry sponge. It’s pretty easy to grind up as well.


My experience with smoking Mochi was very positive. I wasn’t too fond of how it burned my tongue. It numbed me, though. It also changed my mood really fast.

What’s good about smoking this strain is how it stimulated my appetite while giving me an awesome body high. I got stoned and that’s all I wanted.


mochi nug
Mochi feels like I smoked Birthday Cake.


Mochi by Nug is a wonderful product. The quality of the weed is excellent. It’s a clean smoke. My only problem with it is that I was not comfortable with smoking something that literally hurts my mouth.


Nug produced really good and clean bud. The packaging is simple and concise while adhering to compliance. Most of the flower I’ve smoked from Nug provide strong effects and clean tokes.


I would buy this strain again because of how it affected me.

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