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Sunlove jar front

Buying Mimosa

We bought this strain while we were at The Emerald Cup. The Sunlove stand was very nice. We were drawn to their stand because it had a nice tree inside it. The vendors were pleasant and they recommended we buy Mimosa. So we checked it out and ended up buying it.

Smoking Mimosa

This strain is a cool experience. The high isn’t intense, but it’s fun and potent. It’s definitely one of the smoother strains I’ve smoked. I was looking forward to smoking this because we purchased this at the same time as Lucy Lavender.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • Open Jar of Mimosa
  • Cannabis on a lid

Mimosa smells interesting. It smells sweet and fruity. Also, it has citrus notes and a pungent cheesy undertone.

The texture is fantastic; it’s like a fusion of outdoor and indoor. The flower is spongy but still firm. Also, the edges of the flower are stiff and sharp. Trichomes encrust the buds. However, it’s not powdery and only slightly sticky.

The flavor is fun. It’s light and fruity. The resin isn’t heavy and it makes my mouth feel crisp and bubbly. The flower starts sweet. Then there’s a lingering taste of orange juice. The experience is very pleasant overall. So I had a lot of fun smoking it.

Experience And Effects

Mountain of weed in front of jar
Mimosa ready for action

Mimosa has a spectacular high. It reminds me of Blue Dream, but like the real blue dream. Not the watered down hog-wash that proliferated during the early 2010s. However, the high isn’t as potent. Even so, the effect is very pleasant. I feel euphoric and I have great focus. It makes me want to do something creative. Or just be couch-locked to binge-watch a series. It makes me very relaxed and cheerful.


Mimosa is a fun strain. The high is smooth and light but potent enough to last a couple of hours. It’s the perfect strain for a kickback or a solo mission. Overall the experience is light and fun. Sunlove is a brand I would smoke again and share with friends.

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