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Midnight Splendor: Potent and Smooth

Skunk Brothers Midnight Splendor Gram

Midnight Splendor is a hybrid cannabis strain. I bought the gram I’m smoking from Vallejo Holistic Health Center. It goes for around 10 dollars, give or take a couple bucks. I wasn’t expecting the flower to be so great when I first got it. However this flower is super amazing overall. I am throughly impressed. I respect Skunk Brothers and I respect their grow because Midnight Splendor is superb.

This batch smells amazing

The flower smells very potent and super delicious. It reminds me of lemon squares with powdered sugar. Very lemony and sweet. It also has earthy undertones and it’s a little dank. Midnight Splendor makes my fingertips smell like citrus flower; gentle and zesty. 

The texture is ideal

The buds aren’t overly dry. They don’t crunch when I squeeze them and they slowly spring back into shape afterward. Midnight Splendor is very dense and the stems are juicy. This just makes them harder to take away from the flower. It means they weren’t over cured. So it’s a good thing. It stays very fluffy after I grind it. It doesn’t leave too much residue on my fingertips so it’s easy to handle. 

Midnight Splendor looks superb

The buds are deep green marbled with a dark purple. Even the few hairs it has are a deep orange. All the colors are full and intense. When I grind Midnight Splendor it breaks up into a pinkish purple fluff. Really, the colors of a beautiful night sky. There’s even a bit of red in there. This is one of the prettiest strains I’ve had in a while. 

Great color and texture on the flower
Beautiful Color and Great Texture

This strain smokes very well

Skunk Brothers nailed it. This flower is so smooth and easy on the throat. The flavor is light and and very clean. It burns even, slow and stays lit. I puffed on a joint for about 6 minutes and it stayed lit the whole time. The curing is perfect. Midnight Splendor has no bitter aftertaste and it doesn’t leave an oily residue in my mouth. It doesn’t leave behind much resin and the smoke feels cool on my tongue.

Very Potent Flower

Midnight Splendor’s high is very strong. The fed is clean and very pleasant. I get tunnel vision when I smoke it. So it really helps me focus when I need to. However, I get anxious if I don’t have anything to focus on. This strain is great for distressing. The high is most enjoyable if you have a show or something to keep your attention. Very handy for creative people to get over a block. 

Concluding this review of Midnight Splendor 

This is the best flower I’ve had in a while. Skunk Brother hit all the marks. The texture is superb, the flavor is pleasant and the high is potent. The single gram I bought is enough for 2 nice joints, but I cant wait to try some of the other strains. Because they have great genetics and they grow their plants so well.  

Check out the Skunk Brothers website to keep up with their latest strains. They’re a true small batch. The menu is ever changing.

And if you’re in the area, VHHC usually has some skunk brothers for a great price.