Mango Brulee: Smooth And Heavy

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The Jar of Monterey Kuch Co flower

Quick Mango Brulee Rundown

Mango Brulee Genetics

Mango x Blue Dream

The High

Mental Clarity, Pain Relief

Bud texture and color
This bud has great colors

Mango Brulee Texture

The buds are incredibly dense. The buds are also very sticky because they’re encrusted with a thick layer of trichomes. However, they’re not wet or spongy. This batch of flower is cured very well. It’s dry and powdery on the outside but moist on the inside. Not wet and nasty; the buds have a spring to them. Reminds me of Skunk Brothers

Monterey kush jar with some delicious mango brulee atop it
Can’t get enough of these colors. GET IN MY LUNGS

Tastes Like Nothing I’ve Had Before

This strain has a complex flavor that does it’s name justice. It’s sweet and fruity. Also there’s a cheesy undertone to the flavor that brings the whole bouquet together. The flavor reminds me of baked honey’d ham with caramelized mango slices. At times, Mango Brulee also tastes like papaya.

Smokes Like A Charm

Mango Brulee burns really well. Despite being moist. It’s also very smooth. It’s smooth enough that I can smoke it without worry. Because it doesn’t irritate my throat. This flower is perfect for smoking in the afternoon to relax. Or even to go jogging or doing chores.

Monterey Kush Co mango brulee close up
So bright and green. Mango Brulee looks amazing

The High

This strain has a very heavy high. Perhaps it’s the thick layer of trichomes, but the head change is instant. The high is a perfect mix of pain relief and mental clarity. After smoking it, all of my inhibitions melt away. The flower emboldens me and I feel as though I would enjoy a long walk. The mental clarity makes me focus and helps me to multitask

I really enjoyed smoking Mango Brulee. Mostly because it has flavor and a heavy high. However my experience was lacking the last time I smoked Monterey Kush Co. so I was hesitant to smoke this strain. I am impressed now.

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