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Mandarin Cookies by Harvest Fruits

Buying Mandarin Cookies

We went to Vallejo Holistic Health Center because we hadn’t shopped there since Autumn of 2019. The VHHC is undergoing some drastic changes. This is possibly due to the current pandemic. However, the budtenders were as enthusiastic as I remember. We hadn’t planned our visit. So we didn’t know what to purchase. With some help from the budtenders, we decided on Mandarin Cookies.

Smoking Mandarin Cookies

I won’t lie, I didn’t enjoy this particular strain. I got a sinus headache from the weed. It started when I was grinding it and packing it into a pipe. Also, my nose became runny. Perhaps I was having a mild allergic reaction to the enzymes.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

Mandarin Cookies doesn’t smell very unique. It smells pleasant though. The strain is herbaceous and slightly sweet. However, the smell isn’t very complex.

This flower has a rough texture. More specifically, it reminds me of Humboldt Farms. The bud has stiff, jagged edges. Its overall hue is a dull yellow. Although yellow coloration is common in outdoor flowers, it’s not always the case.

Mandarin Cookies tastes very smooth, and the resin feels light on my tongue. However, this flower doesn’t have any discernible flavor. It’s not sweet or fruity but it’s grassy and herbaceous.

Experience And Effects

Mound of bud in front of High Voltage jar
Ready and willing

Mandarin Cookies’ high isn’t bad. However, the effects of the high aren’t very potent. The effects make it difficult for me to sit still. The high locks me onto my couch, though, so I play video games. The high is mild. It feels soft and euphoric. The effects aren’t strong enough to keep me entertained for very long.


Mandarin Cookies is good with a blunt. A blunt intensifies the effects of this strain. Although lacking in flavor, this flower’s smoothness is perfect for any pipe. Especially if you want a mild experience. Frankly, I don’t think I can smoke this regularly when a strain like Lucy Lavender is available. That being said, I’d recommend this strain if I find it with fewer taxes. Because at our local dispensary, the price went from reasonable to steep in just a few cha-chings.

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