Lucky #7 By 3 Bros Grow

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Lucky #7 by 3 bros grow. superb sun grown flower

Buying Lucky #7

We bought Lucky #7 while we were at the Emerald Cup. The vendors at the kiosk were super cool. They offered merchandise to encourage us to buy more weed. That method worked because we bought three strains. But we’re glad that we bought them because this flower is fuckin fire.

Smoking Lucky #7

Overall this strain is preposterously pleasant to smoke. The smoke isn’t harsh and the strain’s effects are potent without being too overwhelming.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

an 8th sitting on the lid to its jar
Close up

Lucky #7 smells unmistakeably like a sun-grown flower. I can ‘smell’ the sun on the buds; it smells like an earthenware furnace. Its mild smell is herbaceous with gentle earthy undertones. However, it also smells sweet and nutty. This flower smells quite delicious.

This strain tastes pleasantly clean. The flavor isn’t rambunctious; it tastes toasted and nutty. The bud’s resin isn’t bitter. In fact, the resin’s aftertaste is crisp and pleasant. It leaves my mouth feeling like I drank a cool glass of water.

This flower’s texture is super. The buds are spongy but firm. They’re also dense, but they’re not difficult to break apart. Overall, it’s great.

Experience & Effects

Lucky #7 is smooth and potent. The high makes me feel very creative. However, while under it’s influence, I can’t control my thoughts. This strain’s effects increase my brain activity, but I become anxious if I don’t have anything to do. So I’d say this weed is perfect for zoning out and tuning into something. It’s similar to OGelato, but it doesn’t set my mind at ease.

an 8th of delicious sun grown weed by 3 bros grow in santa cruz
Peaky Weekies over the top


3 Bros is damn good. I’m glad that we bought more than one strain because this fower is clean. The high hits immediately. As long as I have something to focus on, the effects aren’t overwhelming. So I recommend this strain for a night out with friends or similar activities. You can place orders on their website. If you decide to order some Lucky #7, tell em we sent ya ;).

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