Lemon Tree: Lemony and Super Potent

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Lemony Tree top

Lemon Tree Quick Statistics

Lemon Tree Price


Lemon Tree Genetics

Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel


The Guild


2.5% THC 22.2%THCa


The high is an immediate and intense uplifted feeling. However it can be chaotic and if I don’t have something to do or focus on I get pretty nervous.

Lemon Tree by The Guild

Lemon Tree First Impressions


The buds from this batch of Lemon Tree are very leafy and dense. When I squeeze it I can hear the leaves crunch, but the bud slowly springs back into place. Lemon Tree has a nice keefy coating of trichomes that give it an amber outline. The tips of my fingers feel a little sticky and dusty after handling it.

Lemon Tree Texture Zoom
Great texture


This strain smells exactly like I hoped it would. Every time I open my jar of Lemon Tree It blasts me in the face with a rich lemony bouquet. However, it isn’t just the smell of lemons, this strain has all the subtle notes of an actual lemon grove. Dank earthy undertone and a sweet n zesty lemon smell throughout.

Lemon Tree Post-Burn Handling

Although this strain is quite sticky and coated with trichomes, it is quite easy to handle. The buds are very dense but they break up quite nicely, like a moist crumble cake. My grinder takes to it with ease and the smell of lemons fills the room entirely. My fingers are left sticky with a keefy dusting.

Mid-Smoke Experience

Burn: I got to try this strain rolled up in a joint and packed in a bowl. The strain, I think, is perfect for pipes because it’s so dense and moist. It doesn’t burn to quickly and stays lit between puffs. Lemon Tree is perfect for a laid back toke before you start your day.

Flavor: Amazing flavor! This weed hits me with an earthy, lemony zest on the inhale and tastes like sweet lemonade on the exhale. There is no bitter aftertaste and in stead a sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

Lemony Tree top
Great Design on Lid

The High

The Build-Up: There is nothing subtle about this strain. The effects are heavy and immediate. However it continues to intensify, peaking within 10 minutes and staying there for 3 or 4 hours.

Intensity: This strain makes me cheerful and uplifted while also giving me a relaxed hazy feeling. However, the high is a bit chaotic and when I lose focus on what I am doing it makes me pretty nervous. Keeping entertained is key with this strain.

Aftermath: After about 3 hours the high starts to fade, but it leaves me very awake. It actually makes it difficult to fall asleep. I stayed up for hours just talking with my wife because it leaves us wide awake.

Lemon tree Front view
Love the Lemon design

Final Thoughts on Lemon Tree by The Guild

Overall Lemon Tree is a great experience. It’s definitely a weed that is better experienced with a group of friends because of the intensity. It is very uplifting and I am still uplifted until the following morning. Although it can be chaotic, if I keep entertained it’s a swell ride.

This is the only strain I have ever seen that has a high THCa potency. The high is intense and unique, making this strain a great value.

Thank you for reading this article. Here’s the cultivator’s website, in case you wished to learn more about them.

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