LA Sunset Is Potent and Smooth

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A Jar of LA Sunset by Skunk Feather

LA Sunset Quick Rundown

LA Sunset Genetics

Descendant of LA Kush

The High

Strong, Cerebral, Restlessness

LA Sunset Is Legacy

LA Sunset is a genetic descendent of LA Kush. Which is a classic strain in the weed community. I’m not very aware of Kush strains. I wasn’t aware of the genetic lineage and legacy when I smoked LA Sunset. I’m not surprised that it’s good, however, because it’s potent and smooth. This strain is sativa-leaning.

LA Sunset opened and ready for action
Delicious bouquet

Smells Amazing

LA Sunset has a very nice bouquet. It smells like pine and earth. There are slight citrus notes that linger. Overall, it smells earthy, floral and herbaceous.

Superb Texture

The flowers are superbly dense. However it’s very fluffy. It’s very soft and it’s very spongy. This batch is cured tremendously well; the bud is dry without being crispy. It handles very well in a grinder. Becomes a soft pile of green cotton with a powdery coat of trichomes. Reminds me of Skunk Brothers.

LA Sunset Has Nice Color

Texture close up of Sunset buds
Colorful like the sunset

The buds were treated well and it shows through the texture. However the color steals the show. This strain is very nice looking. Overall it’s color is a super bright green. The hairs are dark brown and very bold. The green also changes from light to very deep and dark. However, it’s the shades of purple scattered throughout the bud that really make it beautiful.

Splendid Flavor

This herb has a complex flavor and it’s most enjoyable. Overall it tastes like candy. LA Sunset is sweet and it leaves a waxy feeling on my tongue. However, the feeling isn’t bad, it makes the flower taste like a sweet tart. Yet, the earthy notes mixes well with all the flavor. So that the strain has a chocolate aftertaste.

LA Sunset Is Very Potent

This strain has a very strong High. It’s mostly cerebral. However it’s physically relaxing as well. Overall the strain clears my thoughts and helps me focus. It makes me very sociable and when I smoke it I feel like I can write a whole novel or run a marathon. A great experience overall.

Some People Might Get Anxious

Although the effects are potent and generally good, there’s a potential here for anxiety attacks. I find that when I smoke this strain I get very restless. If I have nothing to do or focus on this weed makes me very restless. So I recommend smoking this before exercising or before working on something.

Same jar dif angle
Same jar dif angle

LA Sunset Is Definitely Wroth A Try

If you are on a quest to feel different strains, this one deserves a turn. There’s a reason why this strain has a legacy. Generations of cultivating and tailoring have made the strain a powerhouse in flavor and in potency. So I recommend caution. Because I got really high with one good puff. One puff can turn the high into a monster. So go slow.

Thanks a lot for reading. Here’s the Skunk Feather website if you want to know more about their brand. Or whomst cultivated the flower.

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