Kanha Gummies Are Amazing

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I ate about 80mg

Kanha Gummies Have Become My Fav Edible

Kanha gummies have quickly become popular in the cannabis community. That’s because Sunderstorm uses nano molecular technology to craft their Kanha Nano gummies with great precision. They’re so good I don’t really eat any other brands.

Kanha Nanos Extend Your High

Sunderstorm has many flavors. However not all of the flavors are Kanha Nanos. The Nano gummies hit faster and peak quicker than the other gummies. I think they’re much more effective than a lot of other edibles. I use the Nanos to kick start my high.

Kanha Gummies Are DELICIOUS

All of the Kanha gummy flavors are delicious. However, some flavors will be better than others to different people. That said; my favorite thing about the gummies is that they rarely taste like cannabis. Except for when they do. Which is rare and only happens if the product is old.

Terpene Infused Edibles

I don’t know what, if anything, terpenes do when they’re infused with edibles. I do know that these edibles hit me very hard. Also, the effect of the edibles is comparable to smoking a joint. The high is great, it’s heavy and the nanos make me high fast.

There are plenty of flavors we haven’t had and plenty about Sunderstorm you can learn about. You can visit their website if you’re interested in their other line of cannabis products or merch.

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