Is Cannabis Eco-Friendly?

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All this Packaging is bad for the environment

How eco-friendly weed is depends on how people cultivate weed. Cultivation methods vary from one farm to the next. Generally speaking cultivators grow weed with the environment in mind. So weed is mostly green, even though some cultivation methods are more eco-friendly than others.

Eco-Friendly Value

Power outages are an issue in states that have legalized marijuana. Large indoor operations have caused many power outages. Because indoor grows use robust systems to maintain the optimal environment for their crop. Hydroponic systems, grow lights, fans and air conditioning all use plenty of energy. Sometimes the equipment is running for 24 hours a day, every day.

The constant demand for energy has a cost. It’s estimated that indoor facilities make up 3% of national electricity use. Naturally, these costs are why indoor weed tends to be more expensive. The hype handles the rest.

Taxes Might Help

Local governments impose high fines and taxes on facilities that consume large amounts of energy. Taxes and fines don’t seem helpful, but maybe they will stimulate change.

Eco-Friendly From The Get-Go

It’s a little difficult to measure how eco-friendly a cannabis company is. The electricity consumption is just one aspect. Buying packaging from overseas is a bit of an issue also. All brands use cannabis that farmers grow locally. However packaging from oversees can be cheaper.

Because I can’t blame a startup for saving money by buying cheaper product. What I can do is praise brands that have the means to be a little more eco-friendly.

Famously Eco-Friendly Brands

Kamatree makes a great effort be eco-friendly. The brand works with local organizations to plant a tree in their neighborhood. Kamatree also collaborates with oceanworks to make lids out of reclaimed ocean plastic. Not to mention, sun grown weed uses less electricity.

Cultivators can only minimize waste. Farms that are in kahoots with Flow Kana do really well to maintain their farms’ local eco-system. Which helps but in order to grow, large areas have to be cleared of vegetation. That’s fair, because it’s the only way to do it. Also, most outdoor operations still use lights to bolster natural light cycles.

Overall We Could All Be A Little More Eco-Friendly

The best thing to do is to recycle everything you can recycle. Most cannabis products use paper or plastic packaging. All of which we can recycle. The packaging restrictions for cannabis are always changing and that can create more waste. So recycling whenever we get the chance is important. Because weed doesn’t need to be in a jar that’s also in a box, but that’s how we want it.

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