Hype Weed: Is it Worth the Hype?

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hype weed

It could be a brand or a strain

Hype weed could mean a lot of things. It could be a brand or it could be a strain. It happens when there’s a huge demand for it. How does it happen? We’ll never know. Actually, we know. Good marketing and hearsay. And the easiest way to get a demand for it is by letting popular people talk about it.

Hype weed as a strain

During the past 10 years, Blue Dream had been America’s favorite strain. GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies), Sour Diesel, OG Kush, etc. are also on that list. Although, there’s nothing like the hype that was Blue Dream. People don’t really know what it is anymore.

Other popular strains kept their integrity, tho. Because they’re not overly hyped as Blue Dream, the genetics are still [somewhat] intact.

Hype weed as a brand

Because of weed’s booming popularity, consumers seek brands. A brand is easier to find and talk about versus a strain.

Brass Knuckles is a good example of a hype brand. Everyone and their mother wanted to try it. Sadly, due to demand, the quality of their carts went down. Heavy Hitters, King Pen, Loud Pack, etc. are one of the bigger names that still produce quality products.

Cookie Co., Alien Labs, Runtz, Sherbinski, Jungle Boys, etc. are popular brands and cultivators that have maintained quality extracts and flower. Most of their merchandise is sought after by hype beasts and worn with pride. Some connoisseurs worship the ground they walk on, as well.

Sometimes hype weed is worth the hype

There’s a reason why a brand or strain becomes popular. The quality and effects of the product all speak for why people love them.

Personally, I’ve smoked and reviewed a lot of hype brands and strains. Most of them have good quality. Some of them fall off the map because they fail to keep up with producing quality products.

Trying it once doesn’t hurt

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat. It hurts the wallet. But trying something once isn’t so bad.

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