Heavy Grass: Heavy Indeed

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Heavy Grass preroll

I don’t know much about heavy grass. They had a very unique set-up at this year’s Emerald Cup. I really hope to see them in next year’s cup, because I caught them towards the end of my journey. The Heavy Grass booth caught my eye. After a quick chat, I bought one of their wedding cake prerolls.

This was Heavy Grass’ first time attending the cannabis cup. They Impressed me with their aesthetic. The stand was set up next to a black, tricked out van. They even had little stools made out of drums. I’m definitely going to be hanging with them if they pop up next year. Because they let you kick it in the van, with some Hardcore playing very loudly. \,,/ Hell yeah.

Heavy Grass Prerolls Are Legit

I taste my prerolls before lighting them but sucking on them. The wedding Cake tastes exactly how it’s supposed to. The flower makes my tongue tingle a little bit. It has a rich, earthy undertone. However it has a pretty sweet flavor to it. It isn’t musty, but it has a full flavor. Very potent.

Classic preroll tube

Great Wedding Cake, Very Strong

The last time I had Wedding Cake that hit this good was in 2018. I know because it’s one of my favorite strains. This 28% THC joint packs a wallop. The high doesn’t creep up slowly, but it hits me hard about halfway through my session. The onset effects are very heavy and relaxing.

I was going to leave the Emerald Cup but I stopped real quick to smoke a Heavy Grass preroll. You know, for science. The high is so euphoric and calming that I stayed at the cup for another 3 hours.

The high is also very numbing. Heavy Grass Wedding Cake made the cold Santa Rosa weather ignorable. Definitely comparable to, if not better than, Flow Kana wedding cake

Potent flower almost 30%
Heavy Potency

Concluding This Heavy Grass Quickie

I really hope they return. Their potent wedding cake prerolls were inexpensive and very potent. The people seem to appeal to a hardcore music crowd. Their aesthetic is refreshing, their flower is superb and and I’m glad I ran into them. Their 1.1 gram whoppers are smooth and taste so good. I’m also glad I have two.

If you want to learn more about Heavy Grass you can check out their website. Don’t sleep on em.