Grape Ape Tastes Delicious And Hits Hard

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Nug Nighttme Grape Ape Exotic

Quick Grape Ape Rundown

Nug’s exotic nighttime top cap
Nighttime Exotic

Grape Ape Genetics

Afghani x Skunk x Mendocino Purps


Sweet, danky


Relaxed, Focused, Contentment

Nug literally set the standards for what quality cannabis is in California. Before Grape Ape, I had only tried their pack of prerolls. I can’t remember what strain I bought. However, I do remember that Nug makes excellent prerolls. I was excited about trying their exotic Grape Ape strain because it’s crossed with Afghani. Which is one of my favorite strains.

Grape Ape Is A beautiful Exotic

Grape Ape is a beautiful mix of colors, living up to its labeled exoticism. The bud is a dark green that’s marbled with a deep purple leaves. However the dark colors contrast nicely against the bold orange hairs. Grape Ape’s beautiful colors remind me the Bird of Paradise flower.

That flower texture for exotic strain
Color and texture

This Exotic Has Splendid Texture

Grape Ape has a very soft and spongy outer texture. The flower gives way to my gentle squeeze and it slowly reforms itself afterward. The small leaf bits in the bud aren’t crunchy but they aren’t soggy either. The texture gets even more fluffy after I grind it. Which is downright amazing.

It’s Covered In Trichomes But Not Oily

This strain is super heavy with trichomes. Even the little orange hairs are covered with them. Also, the flower is powdery in stead of sticky. So my fingers Aren’t too sticky when I handle it. In stead my fingers are powdery and I can fling the keif off of them. Overall it’s very easy to handle.

You know. Nug’s little exotic strain close up of flower texture and color
Encrusted With Goodness

It Tastes And Smells So Good

I really wish every strain tasted as good as Nug’s rendition of Grape Ape. Even before lighting it, I could taste how sweet the bud is just by smelling it. The smell is very danky and sweet with a touch of citrus. However the true treat is in smoking it. The flavor is mild but it’s also very delicious. Grape Ape tastes sweet and danky. Overall very smooth and pleasant.

The High

Normally, Afghani knocks me on my ass and all I can do is giggle. This strain isn’t as intense as all that. However, the effect is very potent and very enjoyable. Grape Ape makes me feel very relaxed and calm. It eases my mind and really helps me focus. However It isn’t up-lifting. I just feel very content with everything. When I’m high on this strain I have no negative thoughts. I’m just down.

Would I Buy Grape Ape Or Nug Again?

Hell yea I would. As far as exotics go the high is everything I could want. The flavor is great. It smokes very smooth and cool. No coughing with this smooth ass burn. The price is average, but they could easily charge more so kudos to them for not charging more.

If I have piqued your interest in their weed, Nug’s website has all the deets on their availability and strains. Oh, and we have a quick company rundown on Nug as well.

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