Gelonade By Connected Cannabis CO

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Front picture of an 8th jar of Gelonade by connected

Buying Gelonade

We bought Gelonade at Rio Vista Farms. Admittedly, I hear this strain has Lemon Tree in it. So I’m very excited because I really like Lemon Tree. So we bought it and it ended up being so damn good. It’s sun-grown and delicious.

Smoking Gelonade

Gelonade is supremely smooth. This strain is one of my favorites because it packs the punch that Lemon Tree lacks. This flower is Sativa dominant, so the high is awesomely cerebral.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • peaking inside a jar of gelonade by connected cannabis co
  • connected strain sitting inside the cap from its jar
  • a picture of an 8th of Gelonade by connected cannabis co in front of its jar

Gelonade smells scrumptious. This strain smells rich, zesty, and creamy. It reminds me of a lemon pound cake because it smells deliciously chunky and moist.

I like how the flower tastes. This flower has no discernable flavor, but that isn’t bad. It’s clean and pleasant to smoke. It also doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. It’s light and airy. However, I did wish that it would taste moist and chunky like a pound cake.

I love Gelonade’s Texture. The texture is dense, but the flowers are loosely packed. They’re also very soft. So, I’m able to break it apart easily with my hands. I believe that the texture is perfect.

Experience & Effects

I think this strain’s high is stu-fucking-pendous. It hits hard and very fast. I feel the effects immediately after smoking it. The high strikes hard at first. It suddenly wakes me up. My mind starts racing with a burst of energy. Then, when I find something to focus on, the world around me goes silent. And all I can see is the task in front of me. It’s superb. It’s heavier than Lemon Tree, but Lemon Tree is still a damn good strain.


Maybe some people don’t know that Connected has sun-grown weed, but they do, and Gelonade is a great example. The high comes in hard and fast. The effects start potent and wild. However, once I find something to focus on, it mellows out. It’s one of the best cerebral high I’ve had in a while. I recommend Connected’s sun-grown. Check out their strains if you’re around Rio Vista. If you decide to get something from RV, tell em we sent ya ;).

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