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Gelato 33 by skunk feather


Gelato 33 is an old favorite of mine. We don’t always smoke it, but I never forget it. We saw it in stock at one of my favorite dispensaries. So, without planning to, we decided to buy the strain.

Smoking Gelato 33

When it comes to hybrid strains, Gelato is a suitable standard. This strain is smooth and it’s effects fit most occasions.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

Gelato 33 smells decent. This particular batch of flower doesn’t smell potent. However, the bouquet is splendiferous. This strain smells deliciously herbaceous and earthy with a lovely grape that lingers in the nostrils. Yet, there’s a waxy undertone that makes this strain smells similar to grape taffy.

This flower’s texture is brilliant. With buds that are crispy around the edges. Yet very spongy and soft. The bud is substantial and full, super easy to handle, and easy to break apart. Reminds me of Skunk Brothers.

Skunk Feather is certainly consistent. While their Gelato 33 doesn’t have much flavor, it isn’t unpleasant. There’s no bitter aftertaste, either.

bud on a jar skunk feather
the gang’s all here

Experience & Effects

Skunk Feather’s version of this strain has a ton of THCa. I’m not sure if that’s an exception or average, but I just want to mention it. Either way, this strain is superb. The high is strong and it affects me immediately. I feel happy and stress-free when under the influence of this strain. The high keeps me happy and clearheaded.


Skunk Feather hasn’t ever disappointed me. Their Gelato 33 is exceptional. This strain is perfect for veteran smokers or anyone wanting to try cannabis for the first time. While potent, the high isn’t overwhelming. It’s a smooth ride and a silky smoke. I recommend this budding classic for anyone wanting to have a nice time. If you’re ever in Rio Vista Farms, perusing their inventory, tell ’em we sent ya ;).

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