Little Boaties: Fun Uncle Joints

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Who doesn’t love a good prerolled joint?

It’s been two years since I started working in cannabis. I mostly held jobs in marketing and distribution. The undying trend? Prerolls. The most popular items to smoke? Prerolls. Now I’m here doing my first impressions on Fun Uncle prerolls.

fun uncle
Fun Uncle Prerolls distributed by Caliva

It’s a fun experience

The preroll’s strain is Purple Diesel and peaks at 11.28% THC. Some people might find that low for a gram of joint. I’m fine with that.

For me, prerolls don’t have to be strong or amazing. They’re just supposed to be affordable and easy to smoke.

Easy to smoke and tastes great

As far as describing the strain — it feels like Purple Diesel. It gives the user a head-change but doesn’t overwhelm the mind. I’m glad that the joint has a lower potency because it’s easier for the user to focus on what they have to do.

I feel like people have this general idea of what a preroll should accomplish. The truth is, I use it as a last resort if I want to get high in public. Not something I should critically rate because they’re just prerolls.

Fun Uncle prerolls don’t seem to be terped

I know of companies that terp their joints. Honestly, it’s a little sickening. But these joints aren’t. Because the taste is there and the smell isn’t potent.

Affordable or sometimes even free

The prerolls at Caliva retail for $9.00 (+Tax). Since I went to Vallejo Holistic Health Center, I got them as a freebie for $1.00 (+Tax).

I would toke Fun Uncle again

I rarely buy prerolls. But if I’m going to the beach and don’t have time to grind and roll, I would definitely grab from this brand. Fun Uncle is fun. It makes the user think of simpler days when marijuana’s potency was a little bit intense.

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