Flwr: A Joint Venture Brand with Decent Cannabis

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Flwr is a cannabis company based in Los Angeles, California. They have a partnership with cannabis cultivators in Humboldt County. Flwr is distributed by High Line Distribution inc. and is available all around the Bay Area.

Flwr Overall Quality

Their product is generally a dense and squishy texture. Their products tend to have great smell and aren’t usually a harsh smoke. Generally speaking their strains have mild and enjoyable high.


Flwr is an interesting brand. They do transparency right, but they don’t have a website. When I first found them I thought that they are not very transparent. However, scanning the QR code on their packaging yielded tons of information about testing and cultivation.

Flwr Cultivation

One of the farms that provide cannabis for Flwr is none other than Honeydew Farms, and that is a good thing. Honeydew Farms has years of cannabis cultivation knowledge and practice strict pesticide-free growing. The flower is sun-grown in a microclimate located in Humboldt County.

Impressive Packaging

They have pretty spectacular packaging that really caught my eye. One thing I like about it is the frosted glass jars. I’m not sure if frosted glass is good at blocking light but if it is then the design is more awesome.


  • Flwr is a brand that has no website and it works through partnerships with cultivators
  • Honeydew Farms is responsible for their cultivation process
  • They have a fair price range usually at 45$
  • Their packaging is superb-looking and perfect for pictures
  • Generally has a mild taste and smooth flavor
  • Pesticide-free sun-grown cannabis from Humboldt County

Comments on Flwr by our crew

The buds are pretty with a decent smell. I’m disappointed the flavor isn’t as I have heard, but I like how it smokes.


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