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delta girlz jar with wedding crashers

Buying Wedding Crashers

We bought Wedding Crashers at the Delta Boyz Dispensary and Lounge. Delta Boyz grows delicious weed. So we went straight away when we saw this strain for sale because Wedding Cake is one of our favorite strains.

Smoking Wedding Crashers

This strain is superb. Delta Girlz really grew the shit out of this weed. I really enjoy this strain and its effects.

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Smell, Taste, & Texture

This strain smells delicious. It smells mild but complex. The bouquet is yeasty and musty with a faint fruity smell beneath everything. The flower has an herbaceous and slightly lemony scent as well. It reminds me of a fully frosted wedding cake.

This flower’s flavor isn’t strong. In fact, it doesn’t have a discernible flavor. That’s not a bad thing, though. The flavor is clean, it isn’t bitter, and it has a pleasantly nutty undertone.

The bud’s texture is also amazing. It’s very soft and fluffy, but also very dense. The flower’s stems snap nicely as well. Also, the nugs have a healthy amount of trichomes on them.

Experience & Effects

Wedding Crashers has a phenomenal high. The effect is potent and lasts a good couple of hours. This batch reminds me of the Wedding Cake by Heavy Grass back in late 2019; but less euphoric. This strain makes me calm, confident, and creative. It totally quiets my left brain and allows my right brain to visualize things unimpeded by my insecurities.


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It’s so nice looking

As I’ve stated before, I’m quite fond of Wedding Cake and most of its derivative strains. Delta Girlz grew the shit outta Wedding Crashers and made a superb strain. It tastes clean, the texture is fine, and the high is spectacular. You can view the Delta Boyz profile on weedmaps to keep up to date on what they have in store. Also, if you decide to try their Wedding Crashers, tell em we sent ya ;).

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