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Flow Kana: Great Bud, Sustainable Company

Flow kana jars

About Flow Kana

Flow Kana is a distributor hailing from California. Their main brand focuses on providing cannabis enthusiasts with different types of sun-grown marijuana sourced from farmers around the Emerald Triangle.

One of the best sun-grown cannabis in the legal market

With a preference for indoor cannabis, it’s hard to experience good greenhouse and sun-grown products. They are an excellent brand to try premium quality cannabis for an affordable price.

Flow Kana is Available in most California Dispensaries

Flow Kana is available in most legal market dispensaries. Their mid to premium quality cannabis is affordable and effective. Flow Kana prioritizes its growers and the farms they source from.

Marketed to new and veteran consumers

Marketing plays a good role in the pricing of products. They maintain quality grow and packaging for an affordable price. Their products retail from $26-$45 (+Tax).

Flow Kana acknowledges the farms and farmers

Beyond being sustainable, their brand puts the farms (and farmers they source from) first. Flow Kana’s ethos: affordable, quality, and sustainable cannabis outsourced from local farms. Their ethos is to build a network of heritage farmers so California can experience the authenticity of local cannabis.

Overall Opinion on the products

Most cannabis distributors are keen on white labeling their products. A recent trend shows brands mentioning farms and farmers. This provides the customer with the appeal of smoking craft cannabis.

The packaging of Flow Kana is impressive

As far as the products themselves: the flowers are dense and easy to grind. The packaging makes it feel like the user is purchasing a high-end product. A lot of effort was put on designing the packaging. (Darker jars means the buds are less exposed to light.)

The nose is there and the effects are excellent

From what our team has gathered: there’s nothing great about the smell of their bud. There are just general, indistinct aromas coming from the products. However, smoking each flower gives distinct and specific effects.


  • Flow Kana is a brand and distributor from California sourcing their flowers from the Emerald Triangle.
  • They distribute quality sun-grown flower. Thus giving their customers an alternative experience from smoking indoor cannabis.
  • The price of their products ranges from $26 – $45 (+Tax).
  • Their product can be purchased in most cannabis clubs and deliveries.
  • They aren’t craft cannabis but they provide an array of strains to choose from.
  • Indicas (blue), Sativas (yellow), and Hybrids (baby blue) are color-coded. Each strain type is also labeled with an effect.


I don’t know what happened to them since the Emerald Cup. But the aesthetic quality of their bud changed drastically. The packaging just got better, tho. The smell of each bud are just smells in a jar. However, the effects are still on point. I would still buy from their brand.


Honestly, I’m always down for smoking any flower from this brand. Because they have good quality cannabis for a great price. Although they don’t smell like the ones we got at the Emerald Cup, I’m still a fan.


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