El Jefe By Connected Cannabis CO

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A jar of El Jefe sun-grown cannabis by connected cannabis co

Buying El Jefe

We bought El Jefe at Rio Vista Farms. It’s safe to say the Rio Vista is one of our favorite dispensaries. We had our eye on the strain for a while. We bought it as soon as we were able. The first thing we loved about it is the packaging, which is beautiful in person.

Smoking El Jefe

I enjoy this strain a lot. It’s a whole vibe, from the smell and taste to the high. Hell, even the design on the jar is smooth as shit.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

  • peaking over an open jar at some delicious El Jefe cannabis strain
  • an 8th of bud sitting within the cap of its jar

El Jefe smells delicious. It smells earthy, sweet, and sour. It has a tanginess to it that reminds me of Sunny D.

This strain tastes earthy and nutty. The flavor lingers for a while after smoking the flower. The taste is smooth, though and it isn’t bitter. The flavor is mostly mild. This strain tastes very clean.

The texture of the flower is very crispy. The nugs aren’t too dense. They’re dark green and loosely packed. They also crackle as I pull them apart. The flower has deep purple leaves and bright orange pistils.

Experience & Effects

El Jefe’s high starts with a subtle mood change. It makes me feel uplifted and cheerful. The effects peak within ten minutes, filling me with happiness and euphoria. The high helps ease my anxiety and keeps me focused. It helps me to take my time with whatever it is that I’m doing. To make sure everything is right.


an 8th of flower lying in front of the jar from whence it came
The ‘front yard’ of the jar-home

I highly recommend trying this strain. El Jefe is the perfect blend of euphoria and focus. It turns everything into a 90s Chicano flick. The world becomes sepia and hazy like summer days after I opened my eyes in a heavily chlorinated public pool. If it weren’t illegal, I’d say it’s perfect for cruising in Santa Ana. But foos can’t have nice things because we get all rowdy. If you happen to stop by Rio Vista to pick this strain up, tell em we sent ya ;).

Comment 1

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