Connected Cannabis is a fun brand

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Connected Cannabis Co.

Its a good brand with good brands

I’ve been buying from Connected Cannabis since Prop 215. Back when the 22 Pullman Way dispensary changed its name to Santa Cruz Genetics then Caliva, it was a Connected. And that’s the first fun dispensary I’ve ever visited.

Connected Cannabis Co. is fun because it’s affordable

It’s not really that affordable when you count the price of their premium products. It’s affordable because the clubs charge a smaller percentage of tax.

I buy marijuana from Connected most of the time and the quality doesn’t disappoint.

The quality of their flower is good

Haters will hate but the higher the price is, the better the product looks.

Besides the other brands they sell, their main brand’s flower is of good quality. The strains get you high and the genetics are unique. As a company, Connected has bought strains from popular cultivators. One of them is Cookie Co. and they have a partnership with Alien Labs.

Connected Cannabis smells like coffee

Every time I buy their average to semi-expensive bud, it always smells like coffee. I don’t mind, though. I expect myself to just get really stoned on the strains. Somehow, the cannabis flower always smells like iced coffee with sugar on it.

Taste varies depending on the grow

Their hydro weed will taste bland. Aesthetically, it will be better looking. I prefer their sun-grown weed because the smell and taste are there.

But most of the time it will be tasteless. And that’s why I gravitate towards Alien Labs because I like sun-grown weed.

Connected’s Cannabis is worth the buy

Beyond being a dispensary, Connected’s bud is worth the buy. Why? It’s marketed well and the quality shines through. Sure some brands and connoisseurs say they’re part of Big Weed. But the way they handle their weed is comparable to craft cannabis.

Connected Cannabis ranges from $30 – $60 + Tax

The price isn’t bad considering they’re a hype weed brand. Depending on where you buy, the taxes and rates change. I suggest buying from the Connected Cannabis Co. dispensaries or Flower Co. instead.

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