Cherry Bomb By 3 Bros Grow

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Buying Cherry Bomb

We bought Cherry Bomb at the Emerald Cup. We bought it at the same time as Lucky #7 and Twizzlas strains. So far, all the 3 Bros we bought are amazing and I enjoy all of them very much.

Smoking Cherry Bomb

This flower is superb. It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between indoor and outdoor flowers, especially since Cherry Bomb is so damn good.

  • peaking over an open jar of cherry bomb by 3 bros grow
  • an 8th of flower sitting on the inside of the lid to its jar
  • cherry bomb sitting in front of its own jar ready to be processed for smoking

Smell, Taste, & Texture

Cherry Bomb smells robust and sweet. The smell is sour, rich, and potent. This strain has a very well-rounded bouquet. It smells delicious like maraschino cherries. Different, but comparable to Twizzlas

This flower doesn’t have a robust flavor, but that’s not a bad thing. This strain tastes clean, smooth, and it’s not bitter. It doesn’t even have a strong aftertaste. Overall, this strain is just super clean and pleasant to smoke.

The texture is splendid, as well. The buds are incredibly dense. So dense that the flower barely notices when I squeeze it. The sheer density of this flower makes it a little difficult to break apart with my hands. However, it’s easy to handle because it doesn’t crumble when I break it apart.

Experience & Effects

Cherry Bomb is one smooth strain. The high is cerebral as fuck. The effects don’t relax me physically or mentally, but it wakes my brain up. This strain is perfect for multitasking because the high makes it difficult to stay focused on one thing. Instead, I feel super aware of everything around me. So I end up doing a lot of things at once. The high is for hiking, chores, or a party.


I Have enjoyed smoking all these 3 Bros strains. Cherry Bomb is my favorite because that’s the strain that I am currently smoking. However, all the strains are superb and whichever I’m on is my current favorite. Each strain has its own range of effects but they’re all so delicious. Overall, I highly recommend 3 Bros and if you want to know more, check out their website. Tell em we sent ya ;).

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