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Hype Weed: Is it Worth the Hype?

It could be a brand or a strain Hype weed could mean a lot of things. It could be a brand or it could be a strain. It happens when there’s a huge demand for it. How does it happen? We’ll never know. Actually, we know. Good marketing and hearsay. And the easiest way to get a demand for it is by letting popular people talk about it. Hype weed as a strain During the past 10 years, Blue Dream had been America’s favorite strain. GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies), Sour Diesel, OG Kush, etc. are also on that list. Although, there’s nothing like the hype that was Blue Dream. People don’t really know what it is anymore. Other popular strains kept their integrity, tho. Because they’re not overly hyped as Blue Dream, the genetics are still [somewhat] intact. Hype weed as a brand Because of weed’s booming popularity, consumers seek brands. A brand is easier to find and talk about versus a strain. Brass Knuckles is a good example of a hype brand. Everyone …

rapper weed

Rapper Weed: Live it and Love it

“Smoke Weed Everyday,” Snoop Dog Rapper Weed is not a phenomenon. It exists because good marketing exists. The thought gets me excited. Because if good marketing meets a quality mid and a rapper then $80 is justified. What is Rapper Weed? Weed smoked and promoted by rappers. It doesn’t necessarily have to be great. But if they say it’s great, it’s worth the money. Most of the cannabis rapper’s smoke is indoor exotics. High traces of THC are preferred over CBD. The gassier the better. Some rappers, if not most, have worked with cultivators to create their own strains. Some rappers just rap about the weed they like. What makes a strain rapper worthy? Timing. If, say, I was a rapper, I would always talk about Space Queen. But I’m not, so there’s that. I think the serious answer to this question is: good weed. If the flower is great then it’s worth talking about. If it has a cool name? Then it’s worth talking about. Plus, a lot of rappers smoke weed. Experience is …