Calimansi Strain by Kamatree

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CALIMANSI BY KAMATREE reminds me that I’m homesick. I lived in the Philippines for a very long time and as a Filipina, I like representation. I was also browsing through the Cookies Oakland Weedmaps and saw that it was for sale. THC-A wasn’t my thing but hybrids and environmentally conscious brands were.


I haven’t purchased anything from Cookies not since they partnered with Connected Cannabis Co. It’s been around 2 1/2 years or how long Prop 64 had been around.

What I liked about buying from Cookies Oakland was that it came with tax. So, it was $39.00 flat for decent sungrown bud.


calimansi kamatree
Calimansi buds are green and easy to grind

I like to break down my experience into categories. Even if this is my experience, I like being thorough.


The buds have a thickness and weight to them. Texture-wise, tho, they’re on the spongey / crispy side. I like this texture because it grinds easily.

Calimansi was fragrant like a lime. It didn’t have the deep and intoxicating scent of a floral citrus fruit from the tropics, but it’s there. I love cannabis that’s true to itself and this strain is true.


Combusted it tasted like herb; raw it tasted sweet and pungent.

I’m not a big fan of cannabis containing THC-A. People prefer it because it gives them focus. Personally, too much focus causes anxiety. I like feeling light when the terpenes convince the body that it’s light or the opposite. This one acts like CBD. I just go numb and it’s not really an experience at all.

Smoking it is smooth. I didn’t cough and the taste of unripe lime and the wetness of tea is there. Its really pleasant.


I didn’t really feel anything. It was a good smoke, though. I like good smoke and neutral to positive changes in mood or state.


calimansi kamatree


Calimansi has huge amounts of the terpene Lemonene. For people who like boosts in mood and focus — this is the strain.

What I like about smoking Calimansi is how pleasant it feels on my throat and lungs.


Sungrown weed isn’t a bad thing. It’s basically weed in its natural state. And I commend Kamatree (like how I commend FlowKana and Alien Labs) for selling sun grown cannabis. I also love that they boast to use recycled and eco-friendly packaging.

There’s a lot to say about the resources and waste that the consumer-based cannabis industry makes. I’m glad some companies are acknowledging that the business needs to be more eco-friendly.


I love the ethos of the company so I’ll buying from them in the future. I will not, however, get this strain again because it’s not for me. Cannabis with an amount of THC-A doesn’t do anything for me or just makes me irritable.

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