Blue Widow: Feels Like Science Fiction

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Skunk Brothers Blue Widow 1 Gram pop top

Blue Widow is a hybrid strain and the batch I bought is grown by Skunk Brothers. I got it at the VHHC on a grammy buying binge. I had high hopes for Blue Widow after smoking that first gram of Midnight Splendor. They did not disappoint because Blue Widow is a potent flower with interesting effects.

Blue Widow is Aromatic and Fresh

This Blue Widow smells so interesting. It mostly smells floral and earthy with danky undertones. However a sweet smell lingers when you exhale. Overall it just smells really pleasant. The smell reminds me of a sweet and fruity tea. It’s very strong and has a slight must. The must isn’t over the top and it’s actually kinda nice.

Superb Texture

The buds on Blue Widow are super solid. They’re not as spongy as the Midnight Splendor nugs but they’re very dense. The nugs are super easy to break apart and they crumble into little chunks easily. I prefer to break this flower up with my hands because the texture is perfect for it. Little unbroken chunks made it through the holes in my grinder. So I have to break them up with my fingers anyway.

Close up of some fire skunk brothers flower
This strain is beautiful

Blue Widow Flower Is Beautiful

This strain has a nice pale green color. The orange hairs are so light they almost look yellow. The buds are also covered in a thick layer of clear trichomes. This gives the flower look like it’s powered. Overall the nugs are very off-white. The paleness of all the colors is haunting and very beautiful.

Super Smooth and Tasty

This weed smokes so smooth. The smoke is light. It feels cool on the tongue and it never hits harsh. Blue Widow has a nice kick though. I get a little zing on the tip of my tongue when I take a long drag.

The High Is Amazing

The high hits so hard. It’s very intense and it’s super smooth. The high makes me very physically relaxed. I can sit around and watch movies all day when I smoke this strain. However, the effects also relax my mind and help me focus. I get don’t get tunnel vision though. So it’s easy for me to get up and do stuff. It’s very calming overall. Skunk Brothers never disappoints.

Concluding This Blue Widow Review

I’m starting to believe that Skunk Brothers can do no wrong. This weed is a powerhouse and I really want to buy more of it. If you’re ale to get your hands on it, definitely give it a try. Now, this particular batch I smoked is from Skunk Brothers. So I can’t guarantee that it’ll be as good. However, this weed is so good, I’d always give it a chance.

Keep updated on Skunk Brothers by going to their website. They have an ever changing menu.