Black Jack Preroll: Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance

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Black Jack Preroll by the SCVA

A Quick Black Jack Rundown

Black Jack Genetics

Black Domina x Jack Herer


Sweet, Lemon, Pepper


Light, Energizing, Minor Pain Relief,

This was my first time smoking Black Jack. I got a preroll from the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance. The preroll is a bit old, but I’m not complaining. It’s a gift from a friend. However, despite being older, the flower smells amazing; and the flavor is pleasant. Black Jack is the child of the sexiest cannabis power couple.

Smells Like Lemons Tastes Like Lemonade

Black Jack smells absolutely amazing. It’s zesty and earthy. The smell is very potent, like a fresh lemon that’s still got a little dirt on it. I’m very pleased with the smell. I give it a quick taste before lighting it. Black Jack tastes like lemonade without the sour. Very sweet overall flavor.

Smokes SO Smooth

I am pleased at how smooth this strain smokes. The SCVA has cultivated some clean flower. It’s light on the tongue and doesn’t mess up my throat. Overall the experience is ideal for a preroll. However, I had to open and empty out my joint. Because it was packed too tightly, I wasn’t able to smoke it after the third puff.

Back label of SCVA preroll
Back side of the preroll tube


It’s rare to talk about the texture of flower when it’s in a preroll. However, because I opened it up, I am able to share. The SCVA’s Black Jack is very fluffy. Overall it feels very soft and the color is dark green. There’s a chance it has terps, but I cant tell because I lit it previously. Same goes for the color. My bad. That was almost pointless.

The High

The effects are a beautiful mix between indica and sativa. The high calms my nerves and relaxes my body. My body is super relaxed but I don’t feel heavy. The cerebral effects are so potent. I have great focus but I don’t have tunnel vision. This strain makes me restless. Like I have to accomplish something or do something. It’s a good strain for parties or hiking. Reminds me of Blue Widow, but less euphoric.

I’d Buy Black Jack Prerolls

If I were closer to the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance I’d buy their prerolls more often. Black Jack is potent and delicious. The effects are superb. The smoke isn’t harsh on my throat and did I mention it’s super tasty? I’m happy my friend hooked it up with a joint. Maybe one day we’ll hop in the old family wagon and make the trip to SCVA.

You can visit the Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance website if you want to check out their menu. Let us know if you want us to try anything. No guarantees, but it won’t hurt to ask.

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