Black Cherry Pie: No Flavor and Weak High

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black cherry pie

Black Cherry Pie Quick Statistics

Black Cherry Pie Price



HoneyDew Farms


22.61% THC .10% CBD


The high builds up so very slow that I’d forgotten I smoked by the time it creeped up. The high gives me the munchies and really helps me focus, but It doesn’t last very long.

Nug spill Black Cherry Pie
Super Classy

Black Cherry Pie First Impressions


The nugs are a nice density and the leaves have a light crispy texture. The buds spring back nicely when I squeeze them. Black Cherry Pie has a decent coating of trichomes which give my finger tips a light stickiness.

Flwr texture shot black cherry pie
I like the color

The Color

I really like the overall color of Black Cherry Pie, however there is a catch. It isn’t as vibrant as others I have smoked. This batch does have a very nice dark color on some of the leaves. There are also a few pretty orange hairs sprinkled around the buds, but overall it’s pretty drab. The dark hues aren’t very bold But the buds look a healthy green.


I am slightly disappointed at Black Cherry Pie’s bouquet. It really doesn’t smell like anything. It just smells like dank foliage, which is fine but not my ideal. The smell is common for really clean and sterile grows, so it’s just my preference.

Black Cherry Pie Post-Burn Handling

The buds are pretty dense and sticky. It breaks apart easily enough, but there is a slight resistance when I grind it up with my grinder. It leaves my fingers sticky with a light kiefy coating. The buds break up into a nice fluffy mound that is easily packed because it’s kinda sticky.

Mid-Smoke Experience


We rolled this bud into a joint. It is pretty sticky but it burns very nicely. The crutch had a large buildup of golden-brown resin that didn’t have any sort of flavor. However, the resin isn’t bitter and it doesn’t leave an oily aftertaste when I lap it up. The smoke is not harsh and it smokes well.


We are pretty disappointed in the flavor. It doesn’t have any kind of flavor on the inhale or the exhale. We expected it to at least have a sweet bready taste or something, but we got nothing. This strain is smooth though and it’s enjoyable. If you’re into a smooth flavorless smoke, this is perfect.

Flwr top view packaging
The box is very nice

The High

The Build-Up

Black Cherry Pie has a very mild high that creeps up very slowly. I felt the high creep up at least 20 minutes after smoking. Overall the high isn’t very strong, it gives me a forgettable head change. Black Cherry Pie really helped me focus even though it lasts only about an hour.


Black Cherry Pie made me hyper focused. It helped with decision making and left me feeling pretty confident. It isn’t super intense, though, and it lasts such a short while. It’s a good high for cooking and playing video games.


When the high wares off I feel like I’ve been high for hours because of the hyper focus. It leaves me a bit mentally drained and a little sluggish but not sleepy. I really don’t enjoy this particular batch of Black Cherry Pie.

Flwr outer box design
Really regal design

Final Thoughts on Black Cherry Pie by Flwr

Overall I have to say I do not particularly enjoy this flower. It has a forgettable high that last about an hour and leaves me feeling sluggish. Although I will admit that the focus is really nice. I appreciate how clean the smoke is, but I would’ve liked more in terms of flavor. For 45$ it’s still A decent smoke, but I’m not sure I’d buy it again.

Since the brand doesn’t have a website, here’s the cultivator’s website.

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