Banana Cream by Jahlibyrd

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Jahlibyrd Box

BANANA CREAM BY JAHLIBYRD is an Indica dominant strain of cannabis. It’s a mix of Banana OG with Cookies and Cream. I always notice Jahlibyrd while visiting dispensaries around the Bay. Because their packaging is so shiny and I am a simple man.

Buying Banana Cream

I went to CBCB without a plan. Jahlibyrd’s flashy and outlandish packaging caught my eye again. So I asked the lovely bud tender “please let me get my hands on the shiny box”. I examined the shiny box. Then I decided that Banana Cream’s cannabinoid content was right for me. So I bought that shit. 1066

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Smoking Banana Cream

This batch of flower is surprisingly good.

Smell, Taste, & Texture

Banana Cream smells like flower. The smell is pungent, floral and earthy. There’s nothing incredibly unique about it. However it smells great.

Wonderful Closeup of Jahlibyrd cannabis
So Fluff and so green

The texture is exceptional. The buds are dense and fluffy. They have a nice bounce to them. The color is also very nice. The buds are bright green and they have little color variation.

This strain tastes amazing. It tastes like Banana Cream. The flavor is subtle but it builds up nicely.

Experience And Effects

Jahlibyrd impressed me with this strain. The effect hits very hard. However it’s a gradual climb. It starts off as a slight head change. This strain locks me firmly in my couch.

The flavor is a dynamic experience. Much like the high, the flavor builds up nicely. It starts off with a sweet taste in the back of my throat. However the flavor eventually fills my whole mouth. It’s light and crisp. It really feels like someone put a dollop of banana flavored cream on my tongue.


Banana Cream by Jahlibyrd
Looks Beautiful

I’m really glad that Jahlibyrd’s packaging caught my attention. The flamboyancy of the packaging was more than matched by the experience I had smoking the flower. This strain is one of the best tasting I’ve had in a while. This strain smokes smooth and the high is super clean. Also I would buy this again, and highly recommend giving it a try. Tell them we sent you ;).

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