Author: Dominique Santos

kama tree calimansi

Calimansi Strain by Kamatree

CALIMANSI BY KAMATREE reminds me that I’m homesick. I lived in the Philippines for a very long time and as a Filipina, I like representation. I was also browsing through the Cookies Oakland Weedmaps and saw that it was for sale. THC-A wasn’t my thing but hybrids and environmentally conscious brands were. BUYING CALIMANSI I haven’t purchased anything from Cookies not since they partnered with Connected Cannabis Co. It’s been around 2 1/2 years or how long Prop 64 had been around. What I liked about buying from Cookies Oakland was that it came with tax. So, it was $39.00 flat for decent sungrown bud. SMOKING CALIMANSI I like to break down my experience into categories. Even if this is my experience, I like being thorough. SMELL & TEXTURE The buds have a thickness and weight to them. Texture-wise, tho, they’re on the spongey / crispy side. I like this texture because it grinds easily. Calimansi was fragrant like a lime. It didn’t have the deep and intoxicating scent of a floral citrus fruit from …


Watermelon Gelato by Ember Valley

WATERMELON GELATO by Ember Valley is an Indica dominant hybrid retailing for about $50.00 + tax. It’s a cross between Watermelon Zkittlez and Gelato 45 – who, in their right, were exotics when they came out. Does this make it an exotic as well? Sure. I guess? My experience with buying from premium brands is that they always have flagship strains that define them. It’s good marketing while keeping the brand trending. That’s the life of an exotic mill, in my opinion. (Ex. Jungle Boys’ motto, “Always Imitated, Never Duplicated”.) BUYING WATERMELON GELATO When I decided to go to A Therapeutic Alternative, the Stay at Home order was about a week old. I thought that dispensaries would be closed but as it turns out people were still buying. A part of me was really happy that California deemed cannabis businesses as essential. I work for the industry and business is still booming. Either way, I placed the order for pickup. It took us about 30 minutes to get the order because the establishment was being …