Apricots by Marley Naturals

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Apricots by Marley Naturals Marley black

The Apricots Strain Is A Pleasant Smoke Overall

This batch of Apricots was grown by Sticky Fields Inc. Then sold via the Marley Naturals brand. Sticky Fields cultivates their crop in Mendocino California. Apricots is a sun grown Indica-dominant hybrid. Here’s a quick rundown of my experience.

Quick Apricots Rundown

Labeling on a Marley naturals jar
Nice labels


On average, Marley Black should run you about 40$-45$


Zesty, floral, mildly sweet

The High

Euphoric, relaxing

Dump the Marley naturals and look at those Apricots nugs
an 8th of Apricots

Please continue reading for a more detailed review of Apricots by Marley Naturals.

Apricots Smells Delicious

Nugs next to their jar
A naked nug mound

The strain smells very rich, like dark chocolate. It also smells zesty. The sharp zest is muted by a gentle floral scent. the scent is gentle, but pungent like roses. Apricots earthy scents are highlighted by the floral scents. Despite being slightly zesty, the earthy undertones linger the most.

The Texture And Color Is Spectacular

Sun grown cannabis is getting harder and harder to tell apart from indoor. While Apricots has a gentle scent, the texture is not gentle. The buds are dense and tough; The flower isn’t spongy. When I squeeze the nugs they stand firm. However, broken up it’s very beautiful and soft. The inside off the flower is bright green and very kiefy. It makes a nice pile of kiefy, fluffy weed. Also, despite the keif, it isn’t oily or moist.

That flower texture and color is superb

Apricots High Feels Amazing

The high is super amazing. It’s a very Stoney indica. It’s effects are heavy but delicate. When I smoke it, Apricots elevates my mood. It elevates my overall mood and it’s easy to have a good time with this weed. It’s very relaxing as well, so it’s good for resting up. However, smoking this strain makes me feel up for anything. It just makes me feel positive. Also, it’s perfect for having a good time.

Sticky Fields Sticker on the Cap
Sticky Fields cap sticker design

The flower is mild, though. If you’re up for something smooth and euphoric that holds better, i recommend a strain like Abrakadabra

Concluding This Apricots Strain Review

Marley Naturals separates the quality of their grow with colors. I believe Marley Black is their ‘mid’ range flower. It smells great and smokes very smoothly. Overall, the flavor and high are very pleasant. For the price of a Marley Black, you could do a lot worse. However, I‘ll be writing a review for a Marley Gold in the future because this ‘mid’ is amazing. I can’t wait to see what their higher grade flower is like.

Check out the Marley Naturals website if you want want to keep track of their trains.

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