Antoinette OG: Foxworthy’s Delicious Smalls

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Antoinette OG quick statistics

Antoinette OG Price

16$ – 20$

Antoinette OG Genetics

Possibly King Louie


Foxworthy Farms


THC 11.73% CBD 0.0%


The high is clean and it creeps up slowly. It’s very mild, it’s enjoyable and it’s pretty relaxing.

Foxworthy Antoinette OG
The color is exceptional

Antoinette OG First Impressions


Since this is a bag of top flowers, this batch of Antoinette is mostly leaves. The smalls have a great crispy texture and they break apart if you squeeze them. There are thin wispy buds at the base of the stems and they’re spongy with trichomes. Overall the texture is light and crispy like a birds nest.

Smalls texture
Beautiful Texture


Antoinette OG smells amazing. It has a musty herbal smell that isn’t too pungent. However it’s kind of spicy, it feels like it warms my nostrils. Antoinette OG doesn’t have any sweet notes and overall the smell reminds me of a nice herbal tea.

Antoinette OG Post-Burn Handling

It breaks up easily, even without a grinder. The leaves and stems are dry enough to be crushe up with just my fingers. The only sticky parts are the wispy buds, but they’re so tin that it isn’t a problem at all. Personally, I love how easy this weed is to handle.

Mid-Smoke Experience


The super dry texture of these top flowers makes it burn quickly. It lights quickly, however it does have a really nice even burn throughout my entire session. Because it lights quickly, it stays lit between puffs on my joint/blunt. I had the best experience when I smoked it in a pipe, because it stays lit with gentle puffs.


The smalls have a decent aromatic flavor. The high leaf count gives it an herby floral taste that reminds me of tea. It’s very smooth on the exhale and leaves a dank spicy aftertaste. It does give me dank-mouth however, and I drink water to help with that.

The High

The Build-Up

Antoinette OG smalls don’t have a super high potency, but that just makes it more perfect. The high builds up really slowly and creeps into every inch of my body. It’s really difficult to gauge the high at first, because it doesn’t hit immediately while smoking. However, once I feel it, it snowballs from there.


The only intense thing about this high is it’s relaxing effect. It makes me feel both mentally and physically relaxed. Definitely a good feeling for enjoying being out and about. I tend to get a slight case of the munchies when I smoke this.


When the high begins to fade, I am left very tired and relaxed. I don’t feel exhausted but I do feel like I could sleep through a thunderstorm. It leaves me also feeling very cheerful. Antoinette OG doesn’t make me feel sluggish at all, in fact I feel refreshed after I stretch out.

Antoinette packaging
Packaging is not good for long term storage

Final Thoughts on Antoinette OG Smalls by Foxworthy Farms

I really love this weed. Dry texture and smalls have bad reps, but nothing can beat their smokeability. It has a nice mild flavor and a nice mild high so I can smoke it continuously. Antoinette OG smalls are a great smoke in a pipe or joint, burning evenly and nicely. Not to mention, they’re a great value (20$).

You can learn more about Foxworthy farms at their sister company’s website.

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