Animal Crackers Hits Fast and Strong

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One gram of Animal Crackers by Speciale.

Quick Animal Crackers Rundown

Animal Crackers Genetics

Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) x Fire OG

The High

Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy

Animal Crackers Is Surprising

I wasn’t sure what to expect and this strain really surprised me. The flavor, texture and high are all very interesting. Also, Animal Crackers is very smooth, but the texture has an effect on it’s smokability.


The buds are frosted nicely with a generous kief layer. So they’re quite sticky but it’s not wet. Also, it’s so kiefy that it leaves a powdery residue when I handle the flower. This batch of Animal Crackers seems dense at first but they buds are mostly leaves. So they’re very soft, spongy and fluffy. Reminds me of Antoinette OG by Foxworthy Farms.

Delicious Texture and color close up
Look how pretty she is

How Animal Crackers’ Texture Effects Smokability

Because this batch of flower is light and fluffy it burns very quickly. Although the buds are sticky with trichomes, they’re bouncy. So even packed in a bowl there’s plenty room for airflow. One drag and the weed burns down quickly. However, it’s perfect for a pipe because it stays lit with steady puffing. A couple friends believed that it burned too hot.


I’m not sure if the flowers are grown indoor but it has all the characteristics of indoor. This iteration of Animal Crackers has a mild smell. It’s not dank or fruity. However it smells earthy and herbaceous. There’s also a mild sweetness to the bouquet, but it’s very missable.


These buds have an amazing look overall; they’re a splendidly bright green with bold orange hairs. However, the flower is also marbled with darker shades of green. Which really makes the bright green seem even brighter; and it makes the orange hairs pop!


Animal Crackers tastes clean. There’s no sweet or earthy notes. It’s just clean and smooth with no flavor. The lack of flavor is surprising but it’s aight.

The High

The high is very strong. There’s also no build up because the high just smacks me up as soon as I puff. Also since the texture is so leafy, the flower burns very quickly and efficiently. I shared it with 2 other people and they agreed that the high hits instantaneously. The high is heavy, relaxing and makes me very happy.

That Blue Jar 😛

I got this gram of flower from a friend. However if you’re interested he purchased it at Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley. Check out their website to find out more about their legacy and products.

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